Tip of the Week for 11/11

BookAShowing Feedback Forms


We’re pleased to report that the BookAShowing feedback rate for 2013 is at 80%. This reflects that you understand the importance these feedback questionnaires are to you, other agents and their sellers.

For this week’s Tip of the Week, here are some recent enhancements and tips to make the process even easier:

  • The immediate feedback reminder email now has the listing’s primary photo included.
  • The listing photo and showing details now show on the feedback form in the mobile interface. This is a nice addition for agents that like to give feedback while they are at the property with clients.
  • If you for some reason did not show the property, you can click the “Did Not Show” link at the top of the feedback form and provide a reason for the listing agent, and the emails will stop.
  • Don’t want to answer specific feedback questions? Just click the “N/A” option (or for the text questions, just add a note “nothing further”) if the listing agent has made the questions required. (The form can’t be submitted until those questions have been answered and submitted correctly, otherwise, another request will be sent the following day.)

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