Rules Safeguard your MLS Data

MLS data is always evolving and being updated. Inaccurate listing data can quickly deflate potential buyers’ perceptions of your clients’ home. NorthstarMLS safeguards market information so you can do your job confidently.

When you login to the MLS, you can be assured that you’re seeing the latest, most accurate information about a property. The rules we operate by, the decisions we make, the regulations we enforce: all are created through the input and guidance of agents and brokers, and from subscriber Associations.

Below is a summary of 2017 statistics pulled from the NorthstarMLS Rules & Regs Customer Service report.

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INRIX Drive Time Search Now Available

A Powerful Drive Time Predictor

As a real estate professional, you’ve likely heard something like this before from a client: “I like the house, but how long is my drive to work going to be?” With a cool and simple to use map search tool now available in NorthstarMLS Matrix called INRIX Drive Time, you can provide that information to your clients.

Watch the 2-minute video below to see how INRIX Drive Time works in Matrix!

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Remine Webinars Now Available!

Now that you’ve had a chance to check out Remine, register for a live online webinar. If you weren’t able to sign up for one of our previously announced training opportunities, this is a great chance to see how Remine works, and covers the exact same information as those training sessions.

Join other NorthstarMLS users on Tuesday, Feb. 20 or Thursday, Feb. 22 (times below) for an online training webinar of the Remine platform and find out how Remine can enhance your performance as an agent.

Learning sessions have been filling up fast, so register now and grab your spot! Click the link below of the webinar that fits your schedule to register.

Tuesday, Feb. 20 Times

Thursday, Feb. 22 Times 

Remine is available as a NorthstarMLS core service to all subscribers! If you haven’t seen it yet, check out this video for a quick overview of Remine.

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NorthstarMLS is excited to launch Remine, the latest core service that is part of your MLS subscription. Remine combines data on property and people to help you more effectively target your prospect marketing.

Get Started Now!
From the Matrix Home tab drop-down menu, or in the “External Links” box on the Matrix Home screen, click the “Remine” Remine will open in a new browser tab. You can also bookmark the direct link

How Does Remine Work?

  1. Start with this 3-minute Remine overview video. For many, this will be enough to get started and exploring the program.
  2. When you open Remine, click through all the pop-ups that show you how to use each section of the program. At any time, click “Tutorial & Help” (bottom right of the Remine screen) to go through the walkthroughs and tutorial.
  3. Come to one of our in-person demos around the metro the week of Feb 12 (check the News box on the Matrix Home screen for the schedule and sign-ups) or, in the St. Cloud or Greater Lakes Area, sign up for one of the live webinars the week of Feb 19 (also detailed in the Matrix News box). More live webinars will be added soon for all NorthstarMLS subscribers if you can’t make it to a live event.
  4. Request a 1-on-1 online demo from a Remine success coach. In Remine, click the drop down menu (with your name) in the upper right corner. Select “Request a Demo” and follow the prompts.

What is Included with Remine as a NorthstarMLS Core Service?
The Remine “Starter” level, available to you at no extra charge as part of your NorthstarMLS core service, contains most of the Remine functionality. There are several extra data visualizations and expansions to the number of properties and people you can track, available with an additional cost subscription. For subscription details, click the drop-down menu (with your name on it) in the upper right corner of Remine and select “Subscriptions.”

Remine Highlights

  • Predictive Analytics: Know when clients are most likely to buy or sell property
  • Opportunity on a Map: Visualize dozens of data layers to help you extract new deals
  • Track People and Property with Timely Alerts: Keep a pulse on properties, neighborhoods, and people including changes in sell score, MLS activity, occupancy, deeds and more
  • Simple Map-Based Search: Sort opportunities by propensity to sell, value, equity, mortgage information, ownership time and more
  • Contact Information: Purchase household contact information of owners, absentee-owners, and non-owner occupants (18 and older)
  • Score your Contacts: Upload your own contacts and score them based on their real estate and propensity to sell

If you have any questions, contact our help desk: or 651-251-5456 (1-877-251-5455 toll free), M-F, 8:00 to 5:00.

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Rally Your Support!

A bill that would ban the use of cell phones while driving, but would allow the use of a hands-free device (Bluetooth earpiece), will again be making its way back through Minnesota Legislature in 2018. Despite widespread support from advocacy groups, law enforcement and others, the bill was unsuccessful in 2017.

To help garner support for the bill, a Distracted Driving rally at the State Capitol has been set for Thursday, Feb. 22 at 10:00am – 11:30am at the Capitol Rotunda area. The rally is open to anyone. No sign up or registration is required. Just come out to the Capitol and show your support for this important legislation!

Representatives from NorthstarMLS plan to be there in honor of longtime rules and regulations administrator, Hubert “Hugh” Skanes-Cady (Trimble).

Talking on a hand-held cellphone while driving is currently banned in 15 states and the District of Columbia.

DriveFocused in 2018
Take the NorthstarMLS pledge to #DriveFocused in 2018 at


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Did You Know?

As a real estate professional scheduling showings, open houses and managing feedback, ShowingTime (a NorthstarMLS core service) is likely one of your most essential applications. In 2017, ShowingTime helped schedule 37,314,054 appointments nationwide and thanks to your feedback along the way, they’ve made many improvements – including a simpler interface.

We’ll always keep you up-to-date on ShowingTime news and enhancements, but if you’d like more resources, we have some good suggestions below.

Helpful ShowingTime Resources
Check out the ShowingTime Blog for news, updates, tips, etc. Additionally, you can subscribe to the ShowingTime eNewsletter to receive fresh content, best practices and new ideas on showings, feedback, market reports and more.

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Intelligent Prospecting Coming Soon

We will soon launch Remine as a NorthstarMLS core service available to all subscribers!

Remine is the world’s first “Property Intelligence Platform” that brings property data and consumer data together for agents to reveal opportunity and motivation. Using a simple map-based search, evaluate your sphere of influence, strategically predict when someone is likely to buy or sell, receive alerts about shifts on property and people, and even purchase an entire household’s (18 and older) contact information.

Stay tuned for Remine learning sessions and webinar dates that we’ll be announcing in the coming weeks. Until then, check out the video below for a quick walk through of how Remine works!

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Simpler ShowingTime Interface

One of the most requested features for ShowingTime in 2017 by NorthstarMLS subscribers was to have the ability to switch to an easier, more streamlined version with quick access to the most used functions. Good news! ShowingTime has added this new feature and it is available to use now. The video below demonstrates how to toggle between the old and new interfaces for the Desktop Version of ShowingTime.

Reminder: This feature is only for the Desktop Version of ShowingTime, not the ShowingTime mobile app. 

ShowingTime Archive Want to check out older ShowingTime content? Click here to view the archive of previous ShowingTime news, articles, and other content on the NorthstarMLS Blog & Archive.

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Status Change for the Holidays

Rules RoundupStatus Change Over the Holidays

Are you working with a seller who would rather not schedule showings over the holidays? If the property is going to be unavailable for showing for more than 24 hours, the listing must be changed to TNAS (Temporary Not Available for Showing) Status. Those days won’t count toward the Days On Market and the listing can go back to Active Status when the seller wants to show it again.

Questions? Contact the NorthstarMLS Rules & Regs Department at 651-251-3210.

Rules Roundup Archive Want to check out older Rules Roundup topics? Click here to view an archive of previous Rules Roundup entries.

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Update Your Projected Close Dates!

Away for the holidays? Update Your Projected Close Dates!

Getting ready to head out to celebrate or take a vacation this holiday season? Take a few minutes and make sure the projected closed dates (PCD) on all your pending listings are updated. Currently, NorthstarMLS has over 2,370 listings that have a projected closed date between 12/18/17 and 1/2/18.

During this busy time of year it can be easy to forget to update listings.

We kindly ask that you double check your pending listings and remember to close the listing after the sale or update the projected close data if it doesn’t close. Make the holidays worry free and update your PCD!

Questions? Contact the NorthstarMLS Rules & Regs Department at 651-251-3210.

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