Condo Association Data

Do you list Condos? Frustrated at finding what is included with the Association Fee, the name of the management company and its phone number? NorthstarMLS has launched a project to help determine and standardize the values for these fields.

Now when you auto-fill a condo listing from the tax record, we will also auto-fill the fields Association Fee Includes, Association Management Company Name, and Association Management Company Phone Number.

Where does NorthstarMLS get this information? We have reviewed condo listings from the past three years. We applied a formula to each condo building that factors most commonly and most recently reported data to determine what we auto-fill.

This is a work in progress, and we need everyone’s help to make it successful. As with auto-fill from the tax records, the List Agent is still responsible to check the accuracy of all data fields, including the Association information. If you find that anything we are auto-filling for these fields is not correct for a particular development, please report it to our Help Desk at, and we will make the change.

Our goal is to ensure that over time, the data for these Association fields is as accurate and consistent as possible for the benefit of all agents and their clients.

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