RPR View Webinar Video Now Available

Last month, we added RPR View™ (from Realtors Property Resource) as an alternative for sharing statewide listing information and offers of compensation.

You can learn more about RPR View for Minnesota and how it works by watching this prerecorded webinar. RPR View and the Minnesota data share is covered in the first 3 to 4 minutes.

Other topics covered in the 32-minute webinar include:

  • How to use RPR Mobile™ with buyers and sellers in multiple jurisdictions
  • How to research the history of a property
  • How to search by school districts
  • How to create reports

If you have never used RPR and need to create an account, learn how here. If you need help, RPR’s Call Center is ready to walk you through, 24/7. Call 1-877-977-7576. Once your account is set up (or if you have already been using RPR), access it here from the Matrix home tab drop-down menu or the External Links box.

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