Rules Roundup: Commonly Missed Rules

NorthstarMLS rules are designed to ensure that every listing is current, complete, and accurate. Complying with the rules ensures a better system for all participants and their customers. Three commonly missed rules are:

1. Accurate Data: All information must be accurate and complete. Incorrect information may include designating a nonconforming bedroom as a regular bedroom, or an incorrect PID number or square footage.

2. Enter a listing or submit a Certification to Withhold within 2 business days:
You rely on timely access to listings to serve your buyers, and your sellers rely on you to make their property available as quickly as possible. Listings must be entered on the MLS within 2 business days. If your customer wants to withhold from the MLS, you must submit a Certification to Withhold Form to NorthstarMLS within 2 business days of the contract effective date.

3. Update listing status: If you’ve ever called to schedule a showing only to find that the property is pending, then you probably understand the importance of timely system updates. Enter any status change (cancellation, pending sale, closed sale, change in price, TNAS) as soon as possible but always within 2 business days. If there is a contingency on the sale and you want to continue showing the property, you may leave the listing in Active status, but the purchase agreement must be disclosed using the field titled “Contingency.”

Please contact the NorthstarMLS rules department with any questions at 651-251-3210 or

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