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Using ‘wildcards’ to widen or narrow search results

To maximize system speed, NorthstarMLS Matrix searches for the exact criteria that you provide. To widen or narrow your search results, use the simple “wildcard” search operators listed below in text-entry criteria fields such as Street Name, Price, Bedrooms, Total Baths, Total FinSqFt, Acres, List Date, Year Built, Garage Stalls, Lake Name, etc.

  • Use the asterisk (*) as a wildcard, or substitute for any portion of the name of which you are unsure.
  • Use then exclamation mark (!) before or after text entered within the search to indicate exclusion. It can be used separately, or in combination with the wildcard (the asterisk).
  • Use a comma (,) to separate multiple items in a list.
  • Use an exact number, the minus sign (-) or the plus sign (+) for number fields that accept ranges.

For Text Fields (Street Name, Remarks, etc. Also works with Zip code)
Search Query                                                       Matrix

Is Equal to wood wood
Not Equal to wood !wood
Contains wood or cherry *wood*,*cherry*
Contains wood and cherry *wood**cherry*
Not Containing !*wood*
Starts With wood wood*
Not Starting With wood !wood*

For Number Fields (Dates, Prices, Beds/Baths, SqFt, etc.)
Search Query                                                        Matrix

Is/Exactly 100 100
More than 100 100+
Less than 100 100-
Between 100-200 100-200
30 Days Back 0-30

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