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Tip of the Week – Homesnap’s DIY Facebook Video Ads

Looking to improve your social media game? Homesnap (a NorthstarMLS mobile solution) has a new Facebook ad format tool for you to create short videos for use on your Facebook page. It’s called DIY Video Ads. You can now take your own videos and turn them into video Facebook ads in minutes.

Shoot walkthroughs of your listings, create a personal introduction for prospective clients, interview a happy client at closing, highlight a price cut, provide tips to buyers/sellers – however you choose to be creative! And then just upload the video, choose a style or animation, add a message, and Homesnap takes care of the rest. You can do all of this from your mobile device, too!

Note: *DIY Video Ads are only available through the latest version of the Homesnap Pro app on iPhones and iPads. Facebook Video Ads are not a core service – extra fees will apply to use this feature. 

Watch the video below to see how it works and start creating your own video ads on Facebook.

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Do you use social media to capture leads in your market? Homesnap just launched a valuable new marketing tool for agents: automated Facebook video ads. These personalized dynamic ads target specific zip codes so you can effectively engage potential clients in your farm area.

Top features include:
• Automatically updated weekly
• One-click monthly budgeting
• Instagram add-on
• Optimized lead page included
• Instant lead routing
• 24/7 reporting

Facebook Video Ads are not a core service — prices start at $3 per day with a minimum of $90 per month needed to be spent. The more money spent, the more the ZIP Code will be saturated. When building the video ad, you’ll be able to toggle back and forth the spend amount to see the increase or decrease of clicks and views for the video ad.

It takes less than 5 minutes to customize and set up a campaign, and then Homesnap takes care of the rest from there! Click here to browse the ads they created for you.

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To compare the features of the Homesnap Pro, HomeSpotter (formerly the NorthstarMLS app) and Matrix Mobile to see which one might be more beneficial to your real estate business, check out our handy NorthstarMLS Mobile Comparison Chart.

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