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True Lifestyle Cost Integrates Spacio

TLCengine’s True Lifestyle Cost, a NorthstarMLS core service, recently integrated a new paperless lead-capturing open house technology (works great on iPad or Android/Windows tablets) to its system: Spacio. And since TLC integrated it, the integration feature is free for all NorthstarMLS

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New True Lifestyle Cost Feature

Your client’s choose where they want to live based on all sorts of data: Price, neighborhood, public transit, proximity to pizza chains and coffee joints. But noise can be tougher to measure. And since sound is pretty much invisible, a homebuyer

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Do Consumers Shop for the Wrong 3 Things?

Real estate experts say consumers focus on three major factors when searching for a home: Price, Beds and Baths. But isn’t what most buyers are really looking for is a home they can afford? That’s the idea behind TLC or

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Using TLC to Win a Listing

TLC or True Lifestyle Cost, an exciting core service that’s only available to NorthstarMLS subscribers, is often used to help buyers compare the costs of homeownership. But did you know that TLC can be a powerful tool to help you win a

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What Does Suze Say?

You’ve seen her share personal financial advise on major network talk shows, so what does Suze Orman say is missing from today’s home search? About half of what home buyers needs. Suze notes that a mortgage is only about half

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TLC: It Does What Zillow Can’t Do

Say this to your next buyer: “Would you like to see something that Zillow can’t do?” How’s that for a powerful conversation starter? Only Realtors using NorthstarMLS have access to TLC or True Lifestyle Cost – an exciting core service

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Use TLC to Remove Fear in Your Buyers

“TLC can help remove the fear that may be keeping them from purchasing a property.” That quote is from a story on Inman News (must have Inman Select membership to read article), who quoted Paul Sigurdson, a veteran agent with

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Not Tech Savvy? TLC Was Built for You

TLC, or True Lifestyle Cost, helps the technically challenged help home buyers search and compare homes based on a home’s total estimated costs, including commuting expenses, utility bills, day care services and more. All you have to do to create

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TLC Takes the Fear Out of ‘Big Data’

TLC – True Lifestyle Cost – an exciting core service from NorthstarMLS, uses Big Data to help you show home buyers the true cost of homeownership. TLC taps the most trusted and up-date data sources to provide a solid benchmark

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Narrowing Home Search One Variable at a Time

TLC or True Lifestyle Cost, uses 31 variables, including commuting, parking, gas, car insurance, child-care costs and more to let you help buyers search for and compare homes based on their true total costs. “TLC helps buyers narrow their search.”

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