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Tip of the Week for 4/20

Tip of the Week – Auto Email Enhancements A new feature in Auto Email Settings now lets you craft an initial Welcome Email message AND a new Recurring Email message for each Auto Email you have set up. The Welcome

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Tip of the Week for 12/29

Tip of the Week – Submit Your Own Tip, Win a Gift Card Do you have a question that you would like to see featured as Monday’s Tip of the Week? Don’t worry, we’ll supply the answers. Or maybe you

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Tip of the Week for 11/10

Tip of the Week – Getting Started with True Lifestyle Cost (TLC) This week’s tip shows you how to get started with the new NorthstarMLS service, True Lifestyle Cost (TLC). For single-family residential properties, this new tool – exclusively available

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NEW Quick CMA Report

Tip of the Week NEW Quick CMA Report We are pleased to announce a new report available for all property types—Quick CMA.  This single line per property report gives you a quick comparison of listings for some of the most

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Tip of the Week for 6/30

Tip of the Week Market Metric: DOM & CDOM with Infosparks Learn what the metric Days on Market is really telling you and how to use it to your advantage! The What: DOM measures the number of days from the

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Tip of the Week for 6/9

Tip of the Week Garage Stall # Field Did you know there is an MLS data field for garage stall number, for when there is a designated numbered parking space in the garage (more common in condos)? In addition to

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Tip of the Week for 5/19

Tip of the Week Extra Room Type Field Did you know that you can search NorthstarMLS Matrix for properties that have Extra Rooms, such as a den, office, bar, game room, porch and many more? You just need to add

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Tip of the Week for 4/28

Tip of the Week Where to Find NorthstarMLS News When breaking NorthstarMLS news happens, or products and new features are added to your service. Do you feel like you’re the last person to know? It doesn’t have to be that

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Tip of the Week for 4/21

Tip of the Week Exporting Data from Realist Tax Want to export the property data from a Realist search? With just a few clicks you can create labels for mailings or export the data into an Excel spreadsheet. It can

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Tip of the Week for 4/7

Access Infosparks with Mobile Devices Impress clients by generating easy-to-read stats on the fly. Whether it’s on your tablet, smart phone or phablet, use the mobile-ready Infosparks to pull up relevant stats that can help to: Provide context at a

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