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Tip of the Week for 4/29

Tip of the Week – Add/Edit Teams Videos Now Available  If you want to learn more about how Teams work in the new-look NorthstarMLS Add/Edit system, check out our three tutorial videos below that will help you get started. The way

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Teams on NorthstarMLS

The latest component of the Add/Edit system to be refreshed with our redesign is Teams. The way Teams work on NorthstarMLS has not changed, but the refresh makes them easier to manage. Would you like to know more about setting

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TrustFunds “Teams” Feature Now Available

A new feature in TrustFunds called Teams allows agents to add team members — including admins. You can now have other team members submit your earnest money request for you, once they are a member of your team. You can

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Tip of the Week for 12/9

Setting Up NorthstarMLS Teams in 3 Easy Steps Are you using NorthstarMLS Teams to help manage your listings? NorthstarMLS Teams is a function in Add/Edit where you can assign assistants (and other agents) to your team so that they can

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Tip of the Week for 6/24

Setting Up Teams Setting up a team for Add/Edit is a 3-step process: 1. Set up the team 2. Add members to the team 3. Add listings to the team Many of our users complete the first two steps, but

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New Add/Edit Features Released Today

We are pleased to announce two upgrades released today to the Add/Edit system. 1)Ā  Add/Edit Media. We have made several usability improvements to the Add/Edit Media function, including larger photo thumbnails and other minor changes make it easier to add/edit

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