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Tip of the Week for 11/27

Tip of the Week – Broker Marketing With Stats Brokers can use Infosparks to have regular discussions about market stats and ways to make the most of the data. Analyze trends together in order to identify new and niche markets during

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Did You Know?

The summer is officially over and the peak selling season is waning. Median sale prices, pending sales and closings are all up in each NorthstarMLS area, while new listings and inventory are down. How do the numbers look in your

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Tip of the Week for 8/24

Tip of the Week – Stats Button Infosparks is a powerful and comprehensive stats program. But have you noticed there is a “Stats” button right in Matrix? Though not as comprehensive as Infosparks, it’s helpful when you just need some

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Tip of the Week for 7/20

Tip of the Week – Custom Ranges in Infosparks Most values are predefined, but you can customize your own values for some variables. When generic ranges for price or square footage just won’t get the job done, use the CUSTOM

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Tip of the Week for 6/1

Tip of the Week – Versatility with Infosparks As an agent, you are an expert in every area of your business – marketing, advertising, business development, sales, social media and more! Infosparks can help build your brand and business as

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Tip of the Week for 3/23

Tip of the Week – Rolling 12 Month Because of their volatile nature, stats based on small geographic areas can appear distorted. Provide your clients with a realistic picture of smaller markets by adjusting for seasonality and small sample sizes.

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Tip of the Week for 6/2

Tip of the Week Get Immediate Stats from Infosparks  Grab must-know information as needed with Infosparks. Data is updated daily with the most current stats and trends available from the MLS. A lot of stats are released monthly or quarterly

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