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Star Tribune Coverage

To kickoff Distracted Driving Awareness Month, the Star Tribune recently ran a story about the NorthstarMLS Drive Focused campaign and website we launched to raise awareness on distracted driving in honor of our Rules & Regulations Administrator, Hubert “Hugh” Skanes-Cady (Trimble), who tragically lost

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Narrowing Home Search One Variable at a Time

TLC or True Lifestyle Cost, uses 31 variables, including commuting, parking, gas, car insurance, child-care costs and more to let you help buyers search for and compare homes based on their true total costs. “TLC helps buyers narrow their search.”

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Star Tribune Covers NorthstarMLS

Last week’s Star Tribune featured an article on NorthstarMLS’ newest core service offering, True Lifestyle Cost (TLC). The article describes how agents can use TLC to help their home-buying clients make better decisions and discover the true cost of home ownership.

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