WARNING: Be on the lookout for spoofed (fake) Authentisign final document emails that may include links to a bad URL.

Use the following tips to help you and your clients identify REAL Authentisign Final Document emails. 

  • If an Authentisign final document email  doesn’t seem legitimate, or you were not expecting this email do not open the links provided. Contact the sender immediately if you have any doubts
  • Be aware of the “from” email address: Authentisign emails will always come from secure@authentisign.com
  • Be aware of the “from” domain (Should always be @authentisign.com); some scams use a domain with very similar spelling. Also check for spelling/grammar mistakes.
  • All links should point to https://app.authentisign.com. You can check this by hovering your mouse over the link to see where it leads.
  • Authentisign will never ask you for any personal information; DO NOT provide your login information or passwords.
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We wanted to let you know of a potential MLS email scam targeting some NorthstarMLS subscribers.

These scam emails resemble a NorthstarMLS rules compliance notice like the ones we send out, but with several key differences. These differences include attachments (which we never include in official NorthstarMLS compliance notices) and a suspicious email address from the sender.

Watch the video below for more information on this email scam.

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