Bring Your Listing to Life with Homesnap Stories

With Homesnap Stories, you can add unique, engaging marketing content right to your active listings through the Homesnap Pro app.

Think of all the selling points about a home that are tough to get across in a photo. Now, you can take your own photos and videos and add them directly to your Homesnap listing. Add text, emojis, and even use augmented reality to create one-of-a-kind marketing content that you can also share on Facebook and Instagram. Record a voice-over or add music to personalize your Stories even more.

Homesnap wants agents to have an easy, engaging way to create marketing content (especially video) on their own, and that’s the benefit of Homesnap Stories. (And don’t forget, Homesnap is the technology provider of the Broker Public Portal!)

Check out this short video and see how Homesnap Stories works!

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Tip of the Week – Homesnap’s DIY Facebook Video Ads Looking to improve your social media game? Homesnap (a NorthstarMLS mobile solution) has a new Facebook ad format tool for you to create short videos for use on your Facebook page. It’s called DIY Video Ads. You can now take your own videos and turn them into video Facebook ads in minutes. Shoot walkthroughs of your listings, create a personal introduction for prospective clients, interview a happy client at closing, highlight a price cut, provide tips to buyers/sellers – however you choose to be creative! And then just upload the video, choose a style or animation, add a message, and Homesnap takes care of the rest. You can do all of this from your mobile device, too! Note: *DIY Video Ads are only available through the latest version of the Homesnap Pro app on iPhones and iPads. Facebook Video Ads are not a core service – extra fees will apply to use this feature.  Watch the video below to see how it works and start creating your own video ads on Facebook.
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Is Facebook an important marketing tool for you, or one you want to use more effectively?

Homesnap lets users pull the pictures and information about their listings directly into a platform that automatically creates an ad perfectly designed for Facebook’s dimensions and layout. You’ll need to login to from a computer (not the Homsnap Pro app on your mobile device) and then click the Sign In link in the top right of the page (if you’re not already logged in). Then scroll to the bottom of the page until you see three rows of options: Home Shoppers, Real Estate Agents and About Homesnap — in the row, Real Estate Agents, you’ll find the Facebook Ads link. Click on it.

There you will see your current listings and recent transactions using the same data Homesnap pulls from the NorthstarMLS database. From that page, you can place an order for an ad promoting your active listings or your recent sales. The best part? You don’t have to input any listing data or mess around with uploading and re-sizing photos. Homesnap does all that for you.

Facebook Ads are not free — prices start at $49, and increase depending on the target number of views and clicks you want.

Watch this brief video to learn more about Homesnap Pro Facebook Ads and how to get started them:

Don’t be left behind!
If you haven’t already, join your colleagues and discover how Homesnap Pro can help you stay connected on the go to the MLS, your colleagues and clients. Over 7,200 NorthstarMLS subscribers have downloaded the app since we introduced it last April. It’s free, so download the Homesnap Pro app for your smartphone and claim your profile today!

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To compare the features of Homesnap Pro, the NorthstarMLS Mobile (powered by Homespotter) and Matrix Mobile to see which one might be more beneficial to your real estate business, check out our handy NorthstarMLS Mobile Comparison Chart.

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Tip of the Week – Versatility with Infosparks

As an agent, you are an expert in every area of your business – marketing, advertising, business development, sales, social media and more! Infosparks can help build your brand and business as a one-stop stats shop. Infosparks can help:

•  Leverage MLS data on the fly
•  Create stats that position you as the data expert in your market
•  Create custom reports for use in marketing and advertising campaigns (print and online!)
•  Pull up stats at events and open houses to demonstrate the speed with which you can access your resources
•  Print reports for handouts and displays at open houses or listing agreements
•  Use reports to strengthen bargaining power during negotiations
•  Manage client expectations in and out of the office with empirical data


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Looking for a simple way to share your listings via social media? We recommend using the Share My Listings (SMyL) widget, NorthstarMLS’s very own social networking listings delivery tool! NorthstarMLS users can share their active residential listings through Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist, LinkedIn, blog or company website in just a few clicks. Here are a couple common questions/scenarios to keep in mind when using the SMyL widget:

Can I advertise another agent’s listing?
No. As a NorthstarMLS participant, you are able to share MLS listing information with customers, but you may not advertise or “share” another agent’s listing without explicit permission from the listing broker. If it’s not your listing, you cannot post it to social media or Craigslist, or include it in a flyer, newsletter, email or any other advertising avenue without permission.

Remember that another broker has a contract that provides exclusive right to sell that property, and your participation in the MLS does not entitle you to infringe on that contract by advertising the property.

What about Broker Reciprocity?
Broker Reciprocity (BR) is a system where brokers give each other permission to advertise active listings on each other’s websites. The website must be registered with NorthstarMLS and comply with explicit display rules. The BR listing database may be displayed only on the approved broker or agent website complying with display rules. The listings may not be displayed on social media or other third party websites.

You may post your own listings on social media or advertising sites as long as you comply with advertising law, your broker’s advertising policy, and customer preferences (including their preferences regarding allowing consumer comments and auto-valuations).

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