Rules Roundup – Strangers at Showings

These three things recently happened to a NorthstarMLS agent while showing homes, and the lessons learned.

Unknown Buyer Wanders In
When showing a home recently, the agent left the front door half open (the glass storm door was closed). He was showing the property to his clients when they heard a noise. An unknown buyer had entered – the individual had arrived before their agent arrived on location and walked right in. It was awkward getting the people out.

Not an Open House
At another recent showing, the agent led his client inside and the client proceeded through the house for glimpse of the backyard. The agent shut the door and was turning on the lights. The client came inside to tour the rest of the home, but had left the backdoor entrance unlocked.

While they were in the family room, three unknown people came in the room. It wasn’t clear who they were, so the showing agent asked all of them who their agent was. One of them said he was an agent, and said he “thought it was an Open House.”

Odd, but True
The agent had just entered the property with his clients and were taking off their shoes when a strange person opened the door behind them and asked if he could use the bathroom. The agent told the man “no” and he seemed surprised and disgruntled. The agent told the man this is a private showing and asked him to leave the premises.

The Bottom Line
When showing a property, always lock the door immediately after entering and inform your clients of the importance of doing the same. Bring the key and lock box cover (if any) inside with you. This could help resolve the problems above and others potentially more serious.

Remember to always arrange showings with the listing office before bringing clients out for showings, even if the property is vacant. If a mistake occurs and you accidentally enter a property without an appointment, contact the listing agent immediately to let them know what happened. Respecting privacy and security is an important professional responsibility.

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