New Craigslist Policies Affect Real Estate Listings
If you haven’t heard by now, Craigslist made significant changes to its posting guidelines in November that greatly impacts the way real estate professionals use the online classifieds site. Craigslist made these adjustments in an attempt to control spam. If you’re using Craigslist to market your listings – either through their website or the NorthstarMLS Share My Listings Widget, take a look at how to conform to these new guidelines.

What Changed?
HTML Several HTML tags (A, IMG, FONT, TABLE, DIV, SPAN and CENTER) are no longer allowed. While you can still bold and italicize your text, users can no longer change the color or add special fonts to text – ALL text is black and backgrounds are white. Embedded clickable links and photos are no longer supported in Craigslist postings. This means no more clickable links directing visitors to your site. Consumers must now copy and paste all URLs from your posting into their address bar of their Internet browser.

So while you can’t say: “See more of 1234 Main Street here [clickable link],” you can say: “Find out more about 1234 Main Street by visiting my website at”

Example of what a ‘new’ CL posting might look like (screen shot):



PHOTOS If you’re using photos in your posting, you must use Craigslist’s image posting tool and a max of 12 images can be uploaded per posting/ad. Embedded photos are no longer supported with the retraction of the “IMG” HTML tag. This means if you were embedding your company logo into your posting, you’ll have to find other text-based ways to market yourself.

* Note: The NorthstarMLS Share My Listings Widget has been modified to reflect Craigslist’s new policies.

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Quickly and easily post your listings to Craisglist using the Share My Listings widget. Open Share My Listings – it’s in the External Links area on the Matrix home screen. From there, click on the Craigslist link at the top (circled in red). Select on of your active listings from Step 1. Follow the instructions, and you will create a pre-formatted Craigslist ad, complete with photos, public remarks and your contact information.

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The Share Your Listings Widget has been enhanced:

  • Includes your listings from all property types, including Multi-Family, Land and Commercial.
  • Button added to main window to allow you to post your listings on craigslist.
  • Facebook posting instructions are revised to reflect changes made by Facebook.

Share Your Listings Widget, available directly through NorthstarMLS at no additional cost, allows you to quickly and easily share your NorthstarMLS listings through social media and monitor hits.  To get started, click the “Share your Listings Widget” link in the External Links box of the home page (just below WEBForms and Infosparks).

For more information, read the original announcement from last September or the Help Guide.

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