NorthstarMLS has added a new field to Add/Edit—Lockbox # (GLAR users only). It is located at the end of the “Listing” section.

If you are not a member of the Greater Lakes Association of Realtors, and you use Supra lockboxes, please ignore this new field.
are a Greater Lakes Association of Realtors member and use Sentrilock lockboxes, this field is for you.

When entering a new listing, please enter the Sentrilock Lockbox serial number that will be used on this listing. This will accomplish two things:

  • Allow Sentrilock to connect the lockbox serial number to the address and agent in the Sentrilock system.
  • Facilitate an important reporting and auditing process for your Association.

PLEASE NOTE: The lockbox number you enter will show only in Add/Edit. It will not appear on Matrix or any other NorthstarMLS system or data feed except:

  • A data feed direct to Sentrilock for connecting the lockbox.
  • Data to the Greater Lakes Association for reports.
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