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‘Secret Word’ Security Feature in TrustFunds

TrustFunds (a NorthstarMLS core service) continues to beef up its security with a new feature for you and your clients called, “Secret Word.” It’s a one-step process that will help make your electronic earnest money transaction more secure. When you

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New TrustFunds Feature Improves Security

The increase of wire fraud continues in the real estate industry. That’s why TrustFunds added a new security feature to combat phishing schemes. TrustFunds, a NorthstarMLS core service, is a convenient and secure way for your clients to deposit earnest

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NorthstarMLS Pumps Up Reliability & Security

Most of us take for granted that the systems we rely on are always available—until they’re not. At NorthstarMLS, we’re always thinking about and strategizing ways to better ensure ours are up and running 24/7. We know this reliability and

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Geo Locations

  The first time you log on to a NorthstarMLS system beginning Tuesday, June 3, you will see a pop-up message asking you to share your location. This information will enhance the security portion of NorthstarMLS to help protect your

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