TrustFunds (a NorthstarMLS core service) continues to beef up its security with a new feature for you and your clients called, “Secret Word.” It’s a one-step process that will help make your electronic earnest money transaction more secure.

When you prepare your earnest money request to your buyer, you will enter the Secret Word as part of the Buyer Payment Information section. The Secret Word that you choose will add an additional level of security for you and the buyer(s).

Setting up you and your client’s Secret Word in TrustFunds is quick and easy. Click here to see how.

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The increase of wire fraud continues in the real estate industry. That’s why TrustFunds added a new security feature to combat phishing schemes. TrustFunds, a NorthstarMLS core service, is a convenient and secure way for your clients to deposit earnest money.

In your TrustFunds account, you can now upload a profile photo. Your clients will see your profile photo in every earnest money request email you send, giving them greater peace of mind that they are not participating in a phishing scam. The email also includes a photo of the property, the exact earnest money amount reflected on the purchase agreement and full agent contact information.

Uploading your agent profile photo to TrustFunds is easy. Click here to see how it’s done.

Want to do more to reduce the risk of real estate wire fraud in all aspects of your business? Our system security vendor, Clareity Security, has published an excellent paper that covers best practices, sample procedures, and communications gathered from franchises, brokers, title companies and others. Check it out!

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Most of us take for granted that the systems we rely on are always available—until they’re not. At NorthstarMLS, we’re always thinking about and strategizing ways to better ensure ours are up and running 24/7. We know this reliability and security are critical to your success.

Toward that goal, we switched our single sign-on database server hosting to its vendor, Clareity Security. What are the benefits?

  • Fully redundant systems. If one goes down, another immediately takes its place. We regularly test its reliability.
  • No more single points of failure and other vulnerabilities that have caused downtime in the past.
  • Clareity’s proven expertise and track record in system reliability and security.
  • The newest and most powerful security technology to keep your data safe.

The switch has already happened seamlessly with no downtime. Can we guarantee our systems will never unexpectedly go down? No, unfortunately no technology company can make that promise. But we are in a much better position to greatly reduce downtime and get back up fast in the event it does happen. And we will always look for ways to keep improving!

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The first time you log on to a NorthstarMLS system beginning Tuesday, June 3, you will see a pop-up message asking you to share your location. This information will enhance the security portion of NorthstarMLS to help protect your user ID and ensure only authorized users have access. Your location information will be used solely for this purpose.

We recommend that you click the option to always allow. But you do have the option to decline and it will not affect your NorthstarMLS experience. Whichever you choose, you should only be prompted and have to make the selection one time.

Watch this video & see how it will look on your web browser
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