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Rules Safeguard your MLS Data

MLS data is always evolving and being updated. Inaccurate listing data can quickly deflate potential buyers’ perceptions of your clients’ home. NorthstarMLS safeguards market information so you can do your job confidently. When you login to the MLS, you can be

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Rules Roundup: Measuring Video

Rules Roundup Measuring Video Incorrect or incomplete data remains one of the top violations reported to the NorthstarMLS Rules and Regs Department each year. In fact, last quarter there were over 2,300 total notices on listings with incorrect or incomplete

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Rules Roundup: Q1 Summary

Rules Roundup 2014 Q1 Rules and Regs Summary Are your listings up-to-date and accurate? This infographic highlights the top 5 most common data errors and other issues reported by our rules & regs staff during the first quarter. Questions? Our

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Rules Roundup: Bedrooms

Rules Roundup What Constitutes a Legal Bedroom in the MLS? Does it depend on a particular city? Does there have to be a closet to make it a legal bedroom? Must there be at least an egress window in it?

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Rules Roundup: Agents With No BAS Access

Not all Showing Agents Have BookAShowing Perhaps you’ve come across this scenario: You’re a NorthstarMLS subscribed agent or office staff, and an agent from another MLS calls to schedule a showing for one of your listings. Because you use BookAShowing

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Rules Roundup: Listing Agreement

Listing Agreement A List Agreement is the first step to entering a listing on the MLS. If you don’t have one, you should not enter the listing on NorthstarMLS. Entering a listing without a listing agreement is considered a serious

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Rules Roundup: Virtual Tours

Have you ever wondered if you can embed a YouTube video in your NorthstarMLS listing? Unfortunately, this is not allowed. All video tours must be only of the property and cannot link out to any other websites (which YouTube does).

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Rules Roundup: Comp Sold Listing

When can I enter a Comp Sold Listing? If you represent the buyer in a transaction and the seller has not signed a listing contract with a NorthstarMLS participant, you may (with the buyer’s signature on an Input form) record

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Rules Roundup: Withholds

What Is a Withhold and Why Would I Use It? We all know the best way to display a listing is to post it on the MLS. But what if your seller has signed a listing contract and decides it’s

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