With NorthstarMLS Matrix 360 (released last month), you’ll find some great new printing options and displays once you’ve ran a search in Matrix.  

Our quick 80-second video below highlights the great new printing features that you’ll find in Matrix 360. Give it a view! 

NorthstarMLS Matrix 360 Videos On Demand Click here to view our other Matrix 360 videos, including how to search public recordsprinting mailing labels and how to use the interactive parcel maps in Matrix 360.

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Printing from the NorthstarMLS Blog/Archive Last month we introduced the NorthstarMLS Blog and News Archive, where we’ve categorized and archived NorthstarMLS Matrix News content from the past couple of years (2012 – present). It’s a handy tool that you can use to refer back to a piece of NorthstarMLS news that isn’t on the Matrix News Screen anymore. A link to the news archive can be found on the Matrix Home Screen in the External Links widget, as seen in the image below.
  You can easily print these articles — maybe to share amongst your coworkers or just to stash away until a time of need. At the bottom of each article there’s the option to Print, Create a PDF or Email the article. To print, just click on the “Print” button of the article you want printed.
  A print page window will open. Click on the Printer icon (outlined in red below) and then click “OK” to print the document.

Thanks to Amanda Lokker from Edina Realty-Siren & St. Croix Falls for submitting her question – ‘how to print from the NorthstarMLS Blog & News Archive’. She’ll be receiving a $30 Starbucks Coffee gift card! Submit Your Own Tip! Do you have a question that you would like to see featured a Tip of the Week? Or maybe you have your own tip you would like to share with other NorthstarMLS users. Send your question or idea to tips@northstarmls.com. We will use one submission each month and the winner will receive a $30 Starbucks Coffee gift card!
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