Looking to tap into new markets? Realist is a great tool to mine those opportunities. We prepared three short videos to show you how you can identify pre-foreclosure property owners, investors and renters who may want to buy. 

Marketing to Pre-Foreclosure Property Owners
When a property is subject to a pre-foreclosure filing, CoreLogic publishes that information to Realist. Run a search on pre-foreclosure listings and use the results to power a direct mail or other marketing campaign.
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Marketing to Investors
Property investors are represented in Realist as the title owner of non-owner occupied homes. Using Realist, you can run a search for non-owner occupied homes and mail to the property owner. Also, you may be able to view mortgage information and property value information to discuss how investors can leverage equity in one property to acquire another.
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Marketing to Renters Who May Want to Buy
Similar to searching for investors, a search for non-owner occupied homes will provide the addresses of renters. Agents who know the normal rental rates in an area for a particular size of property can market to renters by providing a rent vs. own analysis.
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