Your client’s choose where they want to live based on all sorts of data: Price, neighborhood, public transit, proximity to pizza chains and coffee joints. But noise can be tougher to measure. And since sound is pretty much invisible, a homebuyer might not know about the nightly clanking from the local recycling plant or pub until they’re all moved in.

Good news! True Lifestyle Cost, a NorthstarMLS core service, recently integrated a new technology to its system: Soundscore™. This new feature offers agents and home hunters information on common neighborhood outside noise — traffic, airplanes, restaurants, schools, etc.

Soundscore™ provides a number between 0 (very loud) and 100 (very quiet), and includes a color-coded heat map of scores showing the loud and quiet areas of a region. You will see the Soundscore™ tab on property detail pages that have one in the True Lifestyle Cost portal for agent and client reports.

You can find more information on Soundscore™ here. Give it a try the next time you use TLC!

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