Tip of the Week – Searching Listings from a Neighboring MLS

Have you tried searching listings from Neighboring MLS’s in ShowingTime? Then maybe you’ve noticed that if you get TOO specific, you won’t get hits.

For example, street directionals, states and zip codes aren’t part of the search index. Adding those fields will fail your search.

So what should you do?
When you type “2309 E 1st S, Duluth, MN 55812” into the search bar in ShowingTime, you’ll likely get no results.

If you just search for “2309 1st Duluth” you should get three hits — one from NorthstarMLS, one from Duluth and one from Superior.

ShowingTime is looking into improvements for this, but generally if you get no hits, it is better to work backwards getting less specific until you do get hits for your search.

The MLSs you have cross MLS scheduling with are:

  • Superior
  • Duluth
  • Range Association
  • Southeastern MN
  • Southern MN
  • Itasca County
  • Realtors Association of Northwestern Wisconsin
  • Greater Alexandria
  • Lakes Country
  • Northwestern MN
  • West Central MN
  • Upper Peninsula MI

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