IMPORTANT: Upcoming Change to Style Field

Effective Tuesday night, February 5, the Style Field will be separated into two fields: Style and Stories. Both fields will be required on all listings except Lots/Land and Commercial.

Advantages of separating Stories from the Style field include:

  • List agents can indicate the Stories on Townhomes, Twin Homes and Condo units. Selling agents can search on it for their clients and search Stories on its own regardless of Style.
    A note of caution: When searching Stories for condos and townhomes, keep in mind it may take a while for existing condo/townhouse listings to have that field populated (see “Existing Listings” below).
  • Makes our data compliant with national real estate data standards (most MLS’s separate the two fields).

What do you need to know and do to transition?

  1. Existing Listings: We will automatically adjust all your existing listings to the new Style field. We will also automatically fill the Stories field for your Single Family houses. But the Stories field will be left blank for all Townhomes, Twin Homes, Condos and Multi-Family (Duplexes, Triplexes, Fourplexes). We cannot populate the field for these because the current data does not tell us how many stories they have. But because Stories is a required field, you will be required to complete it on those listings whenever you do an edit (including Status change). Be prepared to complete this field on all your condo/townhome/duplex listings.
  2. Saved Searches/Auto-Emails: Many of your Saved Searches and Auto-Emails in the Matrix system include the Style field as a criterion. Our Matrix vendor, CoreLogic, will convert these to the new fields. For condos and townhomes, your saved searches won’t change because the Style values are the same. But for Single Family houses, the Style field will be “Single Family” and the Stories field will automatically be added and populated based on your current Style selections. After your searches are converted (on Feb 6), we recommend that you check them and make any desired adjustments (revised searches will have an asterisk * placed in front of the search name).
  3. Broker/Agent IDX Websites: We gave all broker/agent IDX website vendors three weeks advance notice of this change to the Style field. They should be prepared to make the change to the IDX listings search functions on your Websites starting February 6.

Questions? Contact our Help Desk at or 651-251-5456 (toll free 1-877-251-5455). Our business hours are M-F, 8:00 to 5:00.

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