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Client Portal Improvements

Earlier this week, we announced improvements to the Client Portal, including improved displays. Those improvements are now in place.  The Portal works basically the same, so your clients do not need to re-learn it. Most of the changes are cosmetic. If

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Tip of the Week for 4/20

Tip of the Week – Auto Email Enhancements A new feature in Auto Email Settings now lets you craft an initial Welcome Email message AND a new Recurring Email message for each Auto Email you have set up. The Welcome

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Matrix Enhancements

NorthstarMLS was updated last night with several enhancements, including: Email Signature editor added to allow insertion of: Images, Special Characters, Lines, Bullets, Links, Tables, Font Selection,  Font Size, Font Color & Styles, Super/Sub-Script Estimated drive times for total drive time, point-to-point

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Matrix 6.7 Contest Winners

Thanks to all who participated and shared their favorite NorthstarMLS Share Your Favorite Matrix 6.7 Enhancement Contest on Facebook and Twitter. We received many great submissions – so many in fact, that we couldn’t narrow it down to just one.

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NorthstarMLS Matrix 6.7 is Live!

New Matrix Enhancements! As previewed here over the past month, version 6.7 of NorthstarMLS Matrix featuring many enhancements is here. These include: Search Box — As the user types, the control does a full substring search and displays the first

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Matrix Unavailable at 9:00pm

NorthstarMLS Matrix will be unavailable for approximately 90 minutes tonight (Wednesday) starting at 9:00pm for a system upgrade. Look for Matrix to be back up by 10:30pm. The NorthstarMLS app for smartphones and tablets will be available during this time. All

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Coming Soon: Photo Captions

PLEASE NOTE: Matrix will be unavailable Wednesday night from 9:00 pm to approximately 10:30 pm for the system upgrade that we have been highlighting the past few weeks through videos. Our final spotlight of upcoming NorthstarMLS Matrix 6.7 enhancements is on

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Coming Soon: Mobile Client Portal

Our next spotlight of upcoming NorthstarMLS Matrix 6.7 enhancements (coming mid-August) features the greatly improved mobile version of the Client Portal – built specifically for smart phones and consumers on the go. When accessing a Portal link from a mobile

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Coming Soon: Reverse Prospecting Improvements

Our next spotlight of upcoming NorthstarMLS Matrix 6.7 enhancements (coming mid-August) is on improvements made to Reverse Prospecting. Check out our brief preview video and get a look at these new improvements to Reverse Prospecting. Click here to watch the

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Coming Soon: CMA & Map Improvements

Our next spotlight of upcoming NorthstarMLS Matrix 6.7 enhancements (coming mid-August) is enhancements made to CMAs and maps. Check out these short preview videos and see what these great new features will look! Click here to watch the video on

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