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Tip of the Week for 9/25

Tip of the Week – Map Starting Place Location This week’s Tip of the Week comes from NorthstarMLS subscriber Byron Anfinson. If you regularly use map searches to locate properties or perform CMAs, you may want to change the Default Map to a new

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Matrix Map Change

As you may have already noticed, the Bird’s Eye View on the bing maps in Matrix is no longer available. We apologize for not being able to give you information about this in advance. Here is what we have learned. Microsoft

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Tip of the Week for 8/29

Tip of the Week — Google Street View NorthstarMLS Matrix lets you see the Google Street View of many listings in the system. The video below explains how to use this feature in Matrix in less than 90 seconds! Want to check

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Map Page/Coordinate

In late January, the Map Page and Map Coordinate fields will be removed from listing input in Add/Edit. The fields will be kept in NorthstarMLS but will automatically be populated based on the property geo-coordinates. This maintains the information for those who

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Tip of the Week for 8/31

Tip of the Week – BAS Calendar Sync Want to sync your Google Calendar with your showing appointments in BookAShowing? Once you have it set up in BookAShowing settings — which takes just a few clicks/taps, you will have all

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Tip of the Week for 5/4

Tip of the Week – Map Searching for Open Houses Currently, there are over 3,600 Public/Broker Open Houses in the NorthstarMLS Matrix system. The Open House Search screen allows you to quickly find Public Open Houses and Broker Tours in

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Coming Soon: CMA & Map Improvements

Our next spotlight of upcoming NorthstarMLS Matrix 6.7 enhancements (coming mid-August) is enhancements made to CMAs and maps. Check out these short preview videos and see what these great new features will look! Click here to watch the video on

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Como/North End Neighborhood Change

  Effective January 1, the Saint Paul City Council changed the Como and North End Neighborhoods: A portion of the North End/South Como neighborhood (the portion commonly known as “South Como”) is now a part of the Como neighborhood. The

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Tip of the Week for 11/4

Map Search: My Location With the recent upgrade to NorthstarMLS Matrix 6.3, you can now use the new “My Location” feature to search for listings around your current physical location in Map Search. This feature is ideal for mobile devices,

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Coming Soon: Map Pin Clustering

Our next spotlight of upcoming NorthstarMLS Matrix enhancements (coming late October) is the addition of Map Pin Clustering in mapping. In previous versions of Matrix, maps would not display pins if the query results exceeded 500 results. In the new

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