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As we announced last week, Instanet switched over to its new version exclusively on Nov. 9 – you no longer have access to the old version. Hopefully by now, you’ve had a chance to check out or even use the new version of Instanet.

If you need some additional help navigating your way around the new-look Instanet, we recommend checking out their online video library with a wide variety of videos (over 150 short videos) to help you get up to speed and get going with the new version. Use the drop down arrows to view more videos of the topic you wish to view.

Video topics include: Creating New Forms, Editing Forms, Using the Forms Editor, Adding a Contact to a Transaction, Editing Transaction Forms, Emailing Documents and many more!

Click here to check out the Instanet Video Library.

(You’ll need to be logged into your NorthstarMLS Matrix account to view them)

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Instanet recently released several new updates to their Authentisign electronic signature application:

  • Instanet toll-free phone and chat support is now available 24/7, 365 days a year for all aspects of the Instanet app.  They expect all calls to be answered within one minute.  Click the “Live Support” link at the bottom of the Instanet home screen for phone, email and chat options.  Email support will still be 9 to 5 eastern time M-F for now, but will also move to 24/7 in the coming weeks.
  • Authentisign “Templates” are now referred to as “Layouts” to distinguish them from forms templates.
  • Authentisign layouts can be created and applied to documents (in addition to forms).
  • You can now import documents from Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft One Drive.

For more information on these and other Authentisign enhancements, check out the release notes.

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On Monday, there will be several changes made to the forms folders in Instanet.

All Minnesota State forms are currently available in folders created by the Minnesota Association of Realtors. Those folders are labeled: MN Residential Forms, MN Commercial Forms, MN Miscellaneous Forms and MN 2013 Forms. Those folders will remain the same along with the NorthstarMLS and Fannie Mae folders.

The folders labeled for specific types of transactions, such as Residential Listings (MN), will be removed. No individual forms will be removed, just these folders with duplicate copies that have been causing confusion.

Wisconsin forms will be available in folders labeled WI Residential Forms and WI Commercial Forms. (Note: these are the same limited selection of WI forms we have now. The Wisconsin State Association does not license their forms for use in Instanet.)

If you have certain types of transactions you do frequently that require the same forms, we recommend you create your own Quick Start groups of forms or forms templates. If you need help, check out our 7-minute video.

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Want to see a quick demonstration on Instanet’s new forms editor (called InstanetForms2Go)? Sign up for one of our two Short Intro to the InstanetForms2Go Editor webinars and get a brief overview of what the editor will look like on PC platforms. In addition, there will be an RPR Advanced webinar. Check out the webinar schedule below for dates & times. Registration to all NorthstarMLS webinars is FREE to subscribers — sign up now!

Short Intro to the InstanetForms2Go Editor
: Monday, Feb. 24 from 10-10:30 AM (click to register)
When: Wednesday, Feb. 26 from 2:30-3 PM (click to register)
What: With the pending upgrade to the InstanetForms2Go editor, we wanted to offer a quick guide to some of the changes our PC users will see. Expect this demonstration to last between 15-20 minutes.
Note: If you are a Google Chrome, Mac, or iPad user, then you are already using the new version of the editor. This webinar would be a recap for you.

RPR Advanced: 10 Power Ways to Use RPR
: Thursday, Feb. 27 from 11 AM-12 PM (click to register)
What: With all the information and tools RPR® has available, have you ever wondered where to start? Or perhaps you’re looking for new ways to use RPR to impress clients. If so, this class is for you! This webinar will explore the top 10 most powerful ways you can use RPR in your business to immediately see results.

Click here to take a look at upcoming NorthstarMLS Webinars in a calendar view.

NorthstarMLS Webinars OnDemand We have recorded some of our past webinars and posted them on our YouTube channel. Check them out if you’d like to refer back to them or view them on your own time.

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Instanet is rolling out its improved forms editor (called InstanetForms2Go) to replace the current Adobe Reader based “Classic” version on all platforms, including Internet Explorer and Firefox for PC. InstanetForms2Go (IF2Go) is faster, has better features and eliminates the bugs and technical issues associated with Adobe Reader.

Those of you using the Chrome Web browser, a Mac, or any mobile device for Instanet have already been using IF2Go for some time. If you use Internet Explorer or Firefox on a Windows PC, you now have the IF2Go editor for all NorthstarMLS listing input forms.

Starting Friday, February 21, we will transition to IF2Go on all forms for all browser platforms. Those of you still using the Adobe Reader-based Instanet “Classic” (on Internet Explorer or Firefox for PC), will see a banner in Instanet Forms “Classic.” You will be able to click on the banner and use IF2Go, as soon as that banner is available on Friday, February 21st. You can also switch back to “Classic” if you want, for now, until we make the full transition.

Watch Overview Video (2 minutes, 21 seconds)
(Note: we are working on a short new webinar to cover IF2Go in more detail.)

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Learn How to Save Valuable Time in Instanet!

This 7-minute Instanet video tutorial walks you through how to create Quick Start Groups of forms and forms Templates. Creating either or both of these in Instanet will help you save a lot of set-up time whenever you need to create a transaction.

Click here to watch the video tip on Quick Start Groups vs. Templates.
(NOTE: For HD quality resolution, click the cog wheel icon on the video tool bar (bottom right) and select the 720p resolution.)

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Video Tip: InstanetFax to Email
This video tutorial will show you how to use Instanet to do fax-to-email. To get faxes by email, you need to set up a cover sheet that others will use when sending you a fax. Any time someone uses your cover sheet, you will receive the fax in your email, and a copy will also be saved in Instanet for you to refer back to it, if needed.

Click here to watch the video tip on setting up InstanetFax to your email
(NOTE: For HD quality resolution, click the cog wheel icon on the video tool bar (bottom right) and select the 720p resolution.)

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Back Door to Instanet Forms

Do you know that you can get into Instanet Forms even if NorthstarMLS Matrix is unavailable?  You have your own password into Instanet separate from NorthstarMLS.  The key is to find out what that password is and have it available when you need it.

Here’s how:

1. Open Instanet from the link in Matrix.

2. If you are on Instanet Lite (blue icons), switch over to Pro (orange icons) by clicking the orange Pro icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

3. Click the Settings tab.

4. Click the blue “Continue” button under “My Preferences” in the upper left portion of the screen.

5. Click the “Password Management” link on the left side of the screen.

6. Click the link “If you do not know your TransactionDesk password, please click here to have us send the password to your email address on record.” (Note that on this screen you can change your password to whatever you want.  When you get your password, we recommend that you do this to make it memorable for when you need it.)

7. An email will automatically go to your email address (that you have on record with NorthstarMLS) with your password.

After receiving your password by email, here is how to log on to Instanet outside of Matrix:

1. Go to the website http://www.instanetsolutions.com/.

2. There is a “Customer Login” section in the upper right of the screen.  Select “Minnesota Association of Realtors” from the drop-down list.  It’s important that you select the Minnesota Association, NOT NorthstarMLS.

3. Enter your first name and last name (as they appear in the Matrix agent roster) and the password you received by email.

4. Click the Login button, and you are in Instanet, ready to go!

Click here for the PDF version of this tip.

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When using the Instanet Forms application, there are two version options: Lite and Pro.  If you are new to Instanet and not ready to get into the more advanced features, we recommend that you use the Lite version.  It is more streamlined and gives you access to all the basics, including Authentisign e-signatures.

After launching Instanet, it’s very easy to tell whether you are in the Lite or Pro version and to switch.  In Lite, the icons are all blue and the upper left of your screen says “Transaction Desk Lite”:

In Pro, the icons are all orange and the upper left of your screen says “Transaction Desk Pro”:

If you are in the Pro version and want to switch over to Lite, click the Lite/arrow icon in the upper right corner:

As long as you stay in the Lite version, it will come up automatically each time you launch Instanet.  When you become more familiar with the basics and want to explore more advanced features, Pro will always be there for you to try.

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Creating Quick Start Groups

When you create an Instanet transaction using the link under the photo, you don’t get the chance to use a template. However, you can use a Quick Start Group, and accomplish the same thing. To create a Quick Start Group, go to Transaction Desk Pro, then click on the settings button at the top. Quick Start Groups are available on the top row of the Settings screen. Create them much like you would a template. If you want, you can even set them up to automatically populate to certain types of transactions.

(Click the image below for a large preview)

Once you have the Quick Start Group created, you can select it instead of choosing an individual form. This can be done in Transaction Desk Lite or Pro. When you go to the Add Form screen, you will have a list of Quick Start Groups, and you can select it and add it to the transaction.

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