“TLC can help remove the fear that may be keeping them from purchasing a property.” That quote is from a story on Inman News (must have Inman Select membership to read article), who quoted Paul Sigurdson, a veteran agent with Counselor Realty.

“It can be a dream-shattering experience to find a home that suits your wants and needs, only to be told you won’t qualify after you’ve made an offer,” Paul added.

The Inman News story notes that by using True Lifestyle Cost (TLC), you can help your buyers “peek under the hood to see how QM rules work,” as Paul says, and help consumers discover if they qualify for more home than they thought, or don’t currently qualify, and help figure out a game plan for future loan approval.

Check out TLC today and see how you can help your buyers focus on properties that truly fit into their price range! When you’re in Matrix, click on “True Lifestyle Cost” on the External Links and try TLC today.

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