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Matrix Emails

Don’t forget to Whitelist NorthstarMLS@matrixmailer.com You and your clients may have previously whitelisted (i.e. add to your list of safe senders in your email program) postmaster@matrixemailer.com to ensure that any listings you email to clients via Matrix were successfully delivered. Our system vendor

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Tip of the Week for 1/30

Tip of the Week: Resubscribe Clients to Matrix Emails Have a client that has unsubscribed from the Matrix emails you send them? Whether is was intentional or not, clients can resubscribe/opt back in to your Matrix emails if they have

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NorthstarMLS Coming to Your Inbox

We know that you’re busy and don’t always have time to read and watch everything that we post on the NorthstarMLS Matrix New screen when you login to the system. Although we’d like you to! Within the next few weeks,

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Tip of the Week for 4/20

Tip of the Week – Auto Email Enhancements A new feature in Auto Email Settings now lets you craft an initial Welcome Email message AND a new Recurring Email message for each Auto Email you have set up. The Welcome

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Tip of the Week for 11/17

Tip of the Week – Customizing Your Matrix Email Signature Did you know that you can customize your email signature in the newest version of Matrix? This includes setting the font, color and size of the text, adding click-able URLs,

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Tip of the Week for 9/22

Tip of the Week – Be Careful Responding to Showing Feedback As a List Agent, it’s great to receive showing feedback emails from showing agents. Sometimes you may want to ask for more detail from the showing agent about a

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Authentisign Email Enhancement

Authentisign will now send email alerts to you when a recipient’s email server returns an error message and the email is not delivered successfully. For example, if you input an incorrect, non-existent email address and the receiving email server notifies

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Coming Soon: Email Consistency

Email Consistency Our next spotlight of upcoming NorthstarMLS Matrix enhancements (coming late October) is the improvements of the Auto Email and Direct Email pages. Agent signature is displayed for reference below the message box with a link to edit the

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Tip of the Week for 1/28

Resend Auto Email Activation Whenever you start a new Auto Email for someone, the first email includes a link to activate that search. If you have a client who did not enable their Auto Email, you can have a new

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