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New Feature in the Client Portals

Graphiq “data visualizations” are now available to view in the Matrix client portal. You and your clients will find them on the property detail screens on the right side, just below the property map. The added data and knowledge from

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NorthstarMLS is excited to launch Remine, the latest core service that is part of your MLS subscription. Remine combines data on property and people to help you more effectively target your prospect marketing. Get Started Now! From the Matrix Home tab drop-down

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Tip of the Week for 8/8

Tip of the Week — Using Max in Infosparks Meet Max. Max goes back a loooong way. Like as far back as there is reliable data. Infosparks defaults to a 3-year historical view of the market, because most answers can

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Rules Roundup: Soliciting

“I’ll trade you these Vikings versus Packers tickets for a list of homes that are pending – deal?” Seems like a great offer, but did you know that you would be in violation of MLS rules (subject to a $1,000

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MN State Data Sharing

Minnesota State Data Sharing Available Again to NorthstarMLS Subscribers Since the original Minnesota MLS data share agreement ended, we have looked for alternatives for sharing statewide listing information and offers of compensation. We initially announced FIND as a solution, but

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TLC Takes the Fear Out of ‘Big Data’

TLC – True Lifestyle Cost – an exciting core service from NorthstarMLS, uses Big Data to help you show home buyers the true cost of homeownership. TLC taps the most trusted and up-date data sources to provide a solid benchmark

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Tip of the Week for 6/1

Tip of the Week – Versatility with Infosparks As an agent, you are an expert in every area of your business – marketing, advertising, business development, sales, social media and more! Infosparks can help build your brand and business as

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Minnesota Data Share Update

As announced by your REALTOR Associations, the Minnesota MLS data share organization SASI’s data vendor contract ended April 30. We are pleased to announce that the participating REALTOR Associations now have an alternative method for sharing MLS listings with offers of compensation included.

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Tip of the Week for 3/23

Tip of the Week – Rolling 12 Month Because of their volatile nature, stats based on small geographic areas can appear distorted. Provide your clients with a realistic picture of smaller markets by adjusting for seasonality and small sample sizes.

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Tip of the Week for 1/26

Tip of the Week – Renewed Urgency for Data Accuracy Starting today (Jan. 26), Fannie Mae is making its new Collateral Underwriter program available to lenders. This automated model flags potential errors in an appraisal and scores it for the

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