Tip of the Week – Eliminate Duplicate Feedback Forms

We recently posted a reminder of the importance of showing feedback. There was good discussion via social media/NorthstarMLS Blog that included a couple more suggestions. Check them out below. Remember — showing feedback doesn’t have to be a painful experience!

Listing photos & MLS # Displayed on BAS Feedback Requests
This past June we announced three BookAShowing enhancements – including the MLS number and primary photo that are now linked to the listing in Matrix. Click to open the Matrix property full display in a new tab/window. These links are available in BAS on the scheduling screen, showings calendar, feedback forms and feedback emails. The screen shot below shows the BAS feedback request with the MLS # and photo that are now clickable.

(Click the image to open a larger version of it)

Turn off Multiple Feedback Requests
Some brokerages have their own automated showing feedback forms, as does Centralized Showing Service (CSS). We often hear from Showing Agents that they are more likely to respond to your feedback form if you request it through just one system. If your brokerage has its own feedback form (or uses CSS), disable either the brokerage/CSS feedback form, or the BookAShowing feedback form (you may want to check with your broker to see if they have a preference/policy). To turn BAS feedback forms off or on, select Settings from the menu bar and then scroll down to the Feedback Defaults section. Contact your broker or CSS if you need help disabling their feedback forms.

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