A Message from Minnesota Realtors (State Association)

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced the issuance of an Order under Section 361 of the Public Health Service Act to temporarily halt residential evictions to prevent the further spread of COVID-19.

Because EO 20-79 creates a greater level of public health protection, the Minnesota state order overrides the CDC order unless 20-79 terminates. Below links to a chart that breaks down the state vs. the CDC order, and includes links to state and county websites that may offer emergency rental assistance. If you have any questions, please email: info@mnrealtor.com

MN State vs Federal Eviction Moratorium Guide

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As you’re likely well aware, Minnesota is currently in the “Stay Safe” phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. Any businesses planning to reopen their doors are required to adopt a Preparedness Plan and follow the published guidelines from DEED, MDH, CDC and OSHA by June 29, 2020

The Preparedness Plan must contain certain items that you will need to incorporate site-specific best practices for your particular business operations surrounding health and wellness, social distancing, cleaning, sanitation and protection, and operations and communications with your sales associates, clients, and visitors in mind. Adapting your plan and policies to accommodate showings and open houses will be important in helping Minnesotans stay safe. 

Minnesota Realtors® recently released this handy guide of suggestions and considerations as we keep moving forward during this pandemic. If you missed any NorthstarMLS COVID-19 news, click here

Get the latest updates on The Wisconsin Department of Health Services gradual process of reopening, called the Badger Bounce Back, here

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UPDATE: In-person open houses (Public and Broker) are once again available for scheduling on NorthstarMLS.

If you and your clients choose to schedule an in-person open house, it is still critical that you take precautions to protect your clients, the public and yourself. Please take a moment to review this letter from Chris Galler (CEO) and Susan Dioury (Legal Counsel and SVP) from the Minnesota Realtors Association. As they state, “you should consider adopting a plan that incorporates site-specific best practices surrounding health and wellness, social distancing, cleaning, sanitation and protection, and operations and communications with your sales associates, clients, and visitors in mind.”

Please also review Open House Considerations, provided by the Minnesota Realtors Association. This helpful document outlines practical steps you can take to help protect health and safety at Open Houses.

NorthstarMLS has made permanently available the “Virtual” Live Stream Open House types for those who prefer to conduct them.

We appreciate everyone’s understanding of the need to restrict Open House scheduling throughout the Governor’s stay-at-home order. It was instrumental in his decision to include Real Estate as an essential service.

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From the Minnesota Realtors Association Regarding Photographers

We know the question of photography has been one with much discussion and debate. Following additional discussions between MN Realtors® and the Department of Commerce, Minnesota Realtors® can confirm that, according to the Department of Commerce, photographers contracted by licensed real estate professionals are considered “critical sector” workers under the extended “Stay at Home” order.

MNR has asked if this determination will be posted online or if there will be documentation we can share. We are awaiting a response and will link to the most updated and relevant information.

The MNR COVID-19 FAQs have been updated with this recent information.

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Now more than ever, picking up and delivering paper earnest money checks is not desirable. A timely reminder, NorthstarMLS core service TrustFunds (available to all NorthstarMLS subscribers) allows you to make electronic earnest money payments right from the Property Detail page in Matrix.

Just click on the TrustFunds logo below the property photo on the full listing display 

Using electronic earnest money has great benefits:

  • No need to physically collect and deliver a paper check
  • A convenient, sure-fire alternative to US postal service, in the case of mail service disruption
  • Relieves anyone from running to make bank deposits
  • It’s available anytime from anywhere, not requiring anyone to be in a certain place at a certain time
  • Allows both brokers and agents to continue to manage their business and stay productive
  • Mitigates risk and exposure for agents and their buyers

Check out how electronic earnest money works in this 1-minute video.

If your business or preferred title company is not currently participating to receive electronic earnest money, encourage them to register. Brokers and title companies can start their registration by going to www.trustfunds.us.com. Click on the green ‘Get Started’ Button.

Be Safe!

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