Now more than ever, picking up and delivering paper earnest money checks is not desirable. A timely reminder, NorthstarMLS core service TrustFunds (available to all NorthstarMLS subscribers) allows you to make electronic earnest money payments right from the Property Detail page in Matrix.

Just click on the TrustFunds logo below the property photo on the full listing display 

Using electronic earnest money has great benefits:

  • No need to physically collect and deliver a paper check
  • A convenient, sure-fire alternative to US postal service, in the case of mail service disruption
  • Relieves anyone from running to make bank deposits
  • It’s available anytime from anywhere, not requiring anyone to be in a certain place at a certain time
  • Allows both brokers and agents to continue to manage their business and stay productive
  • Mitigates risk and exposure for agents and their buyers

Check out how electronic earnest money works in this 1-minute video.

If your business or preferred title company is not currently participating to receive electronic earnest money, encourage them to register. Brokers and title companies can start their registration by going to Click on the green ‘Get Started’ Button.

Be Safe!

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