You may have noticed that we added a new category to Listing History: Contingencies.

By popular request, any time a listing has a Contingency added or removed, a line of history is added to the “History” pop-up window (accessible next to CDOM on the Property Full displays).

Each Contingency type has its own code:

C-3RDPA: Third Party Approval
C-APPRE: Application Received (Rentals)
C-INSPE: Inspection
C-RESCI: Subject to Statutory Rescission
C-SOAP: Sale of Another Property
C-BUMP: Bump Clause (Wisconsin listings only)
C-XBUMP: No Bump Clause (Wisconsin listings only)
C-OTHER: Other
C-NONE: None

We hope you find this additional information helpful.

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Single Line Grid Quick Tips

Here are a couple quick tips for using the Single Line Grid display of your search results.

1. Contingencies in “Status” Column – If you see a listing that has a comma and a lower case letter after the Active Status, you probably already know there’s a contingency. But did you know you can see what the Contingency is by hovering your mouse pointer over the box to prompt a pop-up (like the red arrow below) telling you what the Contingency is.

2. Price Change Arrows – Ever notice a red or green arrow next to the price of a listing? This means the listing has had a price change in the last seven days. A red arrow (like the one circled in orange below) means the listing price has decreased, while a green arrow up means the price has increased. Click on the arrow and a pop-up with the price history will appear, as seen in the screenshot below.

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Since the Contingencies field was added to NorthstarMLS, single line displays have included a lowercase letter “c” in the Status column so that you can see at a glance which listings are still Active and accepting showing appointments, but have an offer accepted based on a contingency.

This feature has been enhanced so that the lowercase letter now identifies specifically which contingency.  If you are not sure which contingency a specific letter represents, move your cursor over the letter to reveal a pop-up window.  Here is an example:

Moving your cursor over “A,t” reveals that an offer has been accepted contingent on third party approval.  This saves you the time of having to open the detail display on every listing to see the contingency type.  Here are the other codes:

i = Inspection
s = Sale of Another Property
t = Third Party Approval
r = Subject to Statutory Rescission (Association documents review)
a = Application Received (Rentals)
o = Other

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