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Tip of the Week for 5/8

Tip of the Week – FHA Approved Condos So your buyer found the perfect condo, got approved for an FHA loan and wants to make an offer. But you just noticed a big problem: the listing incorrectly says it is

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Condo Association Data

Do you list Condos? Frustrated at finding what is included with the Association Fee, the name of the management company and its phone number? NorthstarMLS has launched a project to help determine and standardize the values for these fields. Now

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Tip of the Week for 6/10

Twin Homes Did you know that you can find Twin Homes when searching Style field? The Twin Home (TW) option is located between the Townhouse (TH) and Condo/Coops (CC) option when scrolling through the Style box. Highlight it by clicking

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