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Tip of the Week for 6/13

Tip of the Week – Functional “My Areas” in Infosparks Let’s say you have a buyer that wants an Edina address but the income just isn’t quite lining up with that desire. What can you do? Infosparks can help you

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Do Consumers Shop for the Wrong 3 Things?

Real estate experts say consumers focus on three major factors when searching for a home: Price, Beds and Baths. But isn’t what most buyers are really looking for is a home they can afford? That’s the idea behind TLC or

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What Does Suze Say?

You’ve seen her share personal financial advise on major network talk shows, so what does Suze Orman say is missing from today’s home search? About half of what home buyers needs. Suze notes that a mortgage is only about half

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Not Tech Savvy? TLC Was Built for You

TLC, or True Lifestyle Cost, helps the technically challenged help home buyers search and compare homes based on a home’s total estimated costs, including commuting expenses, utility bills, day care services and more. All you have to do to create

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Tip of the Week for 11/24

Tip of the Week – Compare Up To Four Areas At Once with Infosparks (Click image above to see a larger version in a new window) Did you know that you can compare up to four different geographic areas at

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