Are you a Cloud CMA subscriber? Down Payment Resource is now incorporated into Cloud CMA Reports. Added pages summarize down payment resources programs potentially available to help your client–a great service and conversation starter!

To learn more, watch this quick 1-minute video.

Down Payment Resource is a core service of NorthstarMLS, available from the External Links box on the Matrix home screen, and through individual displays in Matrix and the client portal.

Cloud CMA is not a core service of NorthstarMLS, but is available direct from the vendor at an additional cost. For more information, visit their website.

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Our next spotlight of upcoming NorthstarMLS Matrix enhancements (coming late October) is the addition of the Cloud CMA button in Matrix. This button makes it easier for registered Cloud CMA users to plug MLS numbers directly into their Cloud CMA.

*Cloud CMA is not a core service of NorthstarMLS, but many subscribers have purchased it directly from the vendor as an add-on.

Click here to watch the preview video on the Cloud CMA Button
(Video Duration = 1 minute 44 seconds — For better quality, click on the cog wheel and switch to ‘720p HD’)

NorthstarMLS Matrix Enhancement Videos OnDemand Missed one of our past Matrix enhancement videos? No worries, we have posted them on our YouTube channel. Check them out if you’d like to refer back to them or view them on your own time.

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