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Tip of the Week: Resubscribe Clients to Matrix Emails Have a client that has unsubscribed from the Matrix emails you send them? Whether is was intentional or not, clients can resubscribe/opt back in to your Matrix emails if they have

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The Homesnap Pro app makes it easy for you to invite your contacts to connect with you in Homesnap. Just customize and print one of the Homesnap invitations, which will contain your unique Homesnap URL, and give it to your

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You’ve seen her share personal financial advise on major network talk shows, so what does Suze Orman say is missing from today’s home search? About half of what home buyers needs. Suze notes that a mortgage is only about half

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“By using it, you’re simplifying your client’s transaction incredibly – saving them a lot of time in having to go mail something or go to the bank for a certified check,” says Adam Duckwall, a broker/agent at BRIX Real Estate

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Rules Roundup – Strangers at Showings These three things recently happened to a NorthstarMLS agent while showing homes, and the lessons learned. Unknown Buyer Wanders In When showing a home recently, the agent left the front door half open (the

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Tip of the Week – Versatility with Infosparks As an agent, you are an expert in every area of your business – marketing, advertising, business development, sales, social media and more! Infosparks can help build your brand and business as

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Tip of the Week – Rolling 12 Month Because of their volatile nature, stats based on small geographic areas can appear distorted. Provide your clients with a realistic picture of smaller markets by adjusting for seasonality and small sample sizes.

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Tip of the Week – Manage Your Matrix Contacts with Filters Did you know that NorthstarMLS Matrix has great tools to make managing your Contacts list a breeze? In this week’s Tip of the Week, we demonstrate how to use

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