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Did You Know?

Do you use the Map Search feature in Matrix? Do you have clients who want a home within a specific commute time to their job? Good news! We’ve got the perfect tool for you. Use INRIX Drive Time in map search to

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Showing Etiquette

It’s a nice hot summer Saturday afternoon, but you’re hard at it – a full day showing your clients home to potential buyers. But 3PM has passed, and you’ve just had another scheduled showing bail on you with no warning.

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Use TLC to Remove Fear in Your Buyers

“TLC can help remove the fear that may be keeping them from purchasing a property.” That quote is from a story on Inman News (must have Inman Select membership to read article), who quoted Paul Sigurdson, a veteran agent with

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Tip of the Week for 8/10

Tip of the Week – Eliminate Duplicate Feedback Forms We recently posted a reminder of the importance of showing feedback. There was good discussion via social media/NorthstarMLS Blog that included a couple more suggestions. Check them out below. Remember —

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Narrowing Home Search One Variable at a Time

TLC or True Lifestyle Cost, uses 31 variables, including commuting, parking, gas, car insurance, child-care costs and more to let you help buyers search for and compare homes based on their true total costs. “TLC helps buyers narrow their search.”

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Rules Roundup: Showing Feedback

Have a showing recently? Did you and your buyer client submit feedback following the showing? Hopefully you answered “yes” to both of those (if you’re a buyer’s agent). In 2015, NorthstarMLS users have a 75% feedback rate (YTD), but there

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TLC: A Whole New Way to Home Search

TLC: A Whole New Way to Home Search Have you tried adding a little TLC to your business? TLC, or True Lifestyle Cost, is a whole new way to home search. TLC is based on total homeownership costs. It goes

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TrustFunds Makes Earnest Money Deposits a Snap for your Buyers!

TrustFunds Makes Earnest Money Deposits a Snap for your Buyers! Are you using TrustFunds with your buyers on the listings of participating brokers? Don’t miss out on this fast, secure and easy way to make earnest money deposits. Your clients will

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NorthstarMLS Podcast: TrustFunds

NorthstarMLS Podcast – Lynn Leegard of TrustFunds As we recently announced, TrustFunds is now available through NorthstarMLS. TrustFunds is a secure and convenient web-based service that allows buyers to simply and securely make their earnest money payment online and easily

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