As you may have already noticed, the Bird’s Eye View on the bing maps in Matrix is no longer available. We apologize for not being able to give you information about this in advance. Here is what we have learned.

  • Microsoft discontinued Bird’s Eye View in their bing maps application for all third party vendors, not just Matrix.
  • Microsoft had been dealing with customer complaints on inaccuracy and outdated imagery for years on Bird’s Eye View and decided it was not worth maintaining.
  • CoreLogic, our Matrix vendor, has been fielding the same complaints from many of their MLS customers.
  • Although we lost Bird’s Eye View in the last update, the remaining satellite imagery has been improved to be more current.
  • The next update to Matrix (scheduled for October) will replace Bing maps with Google Maps in both The Matrix MLS and the Matrix Client Portal. We are very excited for this change, because all aspects of Google Maps are more accurate and up-to-date, as well as better features.
  • Sadly, Google Maps does not have the Bird’s Eye View, so that particular feature will not return.

We are sorry for the loss for those of you who liked using the Bird’s Eye View. We hope the impending integration of Google Maps is something you will look forward to and that will benefit you and your clients.

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