NorthstarMLS core Service Remine (predictive analytics using Big Data) is now available as a smartphone app! If you’d like a walk-through of Remine Mobile, there will be a webinar on Wednesday, Oct. 3 at Noon. Sign up here.

Some of the features available with the new app:

  • Use the live map or search bar to search the areas where you do business.
  • Filter properties to narrow down your searches to the properties that best fit your criteria.
  • Draw shapes around areas you want to track.
  • Track properties and people to get email updates.
  • Utilize the predictive analytics of our Buy and Sell Scores.
  • View all on and off market property data, including photos and public record information.
  • Chat with other NorthstarMLS agents.

See the Remine Mobile User Guide for more information and check out this preview video of the Remine app.

How to Download the Remine App
In the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, search for Remine, and download the app. When you open the app, you’ll be prompted for your MLS email and ID. Even if you’re already a registered Remine user, we must confirm your identity, since the app is publicly available to download. After you follow the steps to identify yourself in the app, you can log in like usual, using your NorthstarMLS credentials.

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NorthstarMLS is excited to launch Remine, the latest core service that is part of your MLS subscription. Remine combines data on property and people to help you more effectively target your prospect marketing.

Get Started Now!
From the Matrix Home tab drop-down menu, or in the “External Links” box on the Matrix Home screen, click the “Remine” Remine will open in a new browser tab. You can also bookmark the direct link

How Does Remine Work?

  1. Start with this 3-minute Remine overview video. For many, this will be enough to get started and exploring the program.
  2. When you open Remine, click through all the pop-ups that show you how to use each section of the program. At any time, click “Tutorial & Help” (bottom right of the Remine screen) to go through the walkthroughs and tutorial.
  3. Come to one of our in-person demos around the metro the week of Feb 12 (check the News box on the Matrix Home screen for the schedule and sign-ups) or, in the St. Cloud or Greater Lakes Area, sign up for one of the live webinars the week of Feb 19 (also detailed in the Matrix News box). More live webinars will be added soon for all NorthstarMLS subscribers if you can’t make it to a live event.
  4. Request a 1-on-1 online demo from a Remine success coach. In Remine, click the drop down menu (with your name) in the upper right corner. Select “Request a Demo” and follow the prompts.

What is Included with Remine as a NorthstarMLS Core Service?
The Remine “Starter” level, available to you at no extra charge as part of your NorthstarMLS core service, contains most of the Remine functionality. There are several extra data visualizations and expansions to the number of properties and people you can track, available with an additional cost subscription. For subscription details, click the drop-down menu (with your name on it) in the upper right corner of Remine and select “Subscriptions.”

Remine Highlights

  • Predictive Analytics: Know when clients are most likely to buy or sell property
  • Opportunity on a Map: Visualize dozens of data layers to help you extract new deals
  • Track People and Property with Timely Alerts: Keep a pulse on properties, neighborhoods, and people including changes in sell score, MLS activity, occupancy, deeds and more
  • Simple Map-Based Search: Sort opportunities by propensity to sell, value, equity, mortgage information, ownership time and more
  • Contact Information: Purchase household contact information of owners, absentee-owners, and non-owner occupants (18 and older)
  • Score your Contacts: Upload your own contacts and score them based on their real estate and propensity to sell

If you have any questions, contact our help desk: or 651-251-5456 (1-877-251-5455 toll free), M-F, 8:00 to 5:00.

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TLC – True Lifestyle Cost – an exciting core service from NorthstarMLS, uses Big Data to help you show home buyers the true cost of homeownership.

TLC taps the most trusted and up-date data sources to provide a solid benchmark to show the true costs of all the expenses that comes with buying a home: Commuting expenses, energy bills, car insurance costs, local day care fees and more.

TLC then takes it one step further, allowing the data to be updated by you and your sellers, improving the data by including what your sellers really pay for home costs. This seller-sourced information makes the benchmark numbers that TLC provides even more accurate. That’s something you can’t get from a Zillow search.

Try TLC today!
When you’re signed into Matrix, click on “True Lifestyle Cost” in the External Links box.

Want to learn more about True Lifestyle Costs (TLC)?
Click here to check out a library of articles, videos and tutorials to help you get started using TLC, or to learn more about this great new MLS tool.

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Big Data

How NorthstarMLS puts powerful information in your hands

“Big Data” is a popular buzz term. But it has been around for years and, more recently, with practical applications for real estate. NorthstarMLS’s latest core service, True Lifestyle Cost, is a powerful example in which data on utilities, commutes, taxes and more combine to give true cost of ownership estimates.

To learn more about Big Data—what it is and how it can help you via NorthstarMLS’s True Lifestyle Cost— check out our brief article, “Understanding Big Data”.

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