Tip of the Week — Bedroom Level Information

About 10% of the listings on the MLS do not include Bedroom Level information. While these fields are not currently required under MLS rules, adding this extra detail can help other agents when selecting properties to show to their clients.

Buyers sometimes have specific requests about bedrooms. For example, if they want the children’s rooms on the same floor as the master bedroom. The more information buyers and their agents have, the better the showings are going to be for your listings.

Including Bedroom Levels can also help with appraisal values. Appraisers cannot use a property as a comp if they don’t know where the bedrooms are located throughout the property. This means that an otherwise good comp, and perhaps the most favorable one, has to be excluded for lack of information.

Bedroom Level information can be input with Add/Edit — bedroom levels¬†will be found under the BEDS/BATHS/ROOMS section (shown in the screen shot below) of the listing when you’re inputting it into the MLS system.

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Rules Roundup
What Constitutes a Legal Bedroom in the MLS?

Does it depend on a particular city? Does there have to be a closet to make it a legal bedroom? Must there be at least an egress window in it? What is the minimum square footage that a room can have to be considered a bedroom?

Because real estate is locally regulated, the legal definition of a bedroom varies across locales.  Here are a few things to consider before determining, for example, if your listing is a 3-bedroom, or actually a 2-bedroom with a large walk-in closet.

Up to Code is Key
NorthstarMLS rules state that the bedroom must be up to code (local or municipality?). That can mean different things in different places — a bedroom might be grandfathered in from an old code. However, if a bedroom is up to code but it’s not what most would consider a bedroom, the listing agent should state that. For example: “4th bedroom does not have a closet” or “basement bedroom has low ceiling height”. If the bedroom doesn’t meet code, then of course it shouldn’t be listed.

Selling or Renting?
If it’s a rental, check the rental license and follow the guidelines pertaining to it. If the property is for sale, NorthstarMLS rules require you to go by the tax record or laws of the local municipality.

Basement Dwelling
Basement bedrooms always require an egress window. That’s the law, so there is no flexibility there.

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