Instanet is moving all users to Authentisign2Go, the newest version of Authentisign. It’s the fastest, easiest to use version of Authentisign. Authentisign2Go runs on PCs, MACs, tablets and smartphones.

For the past year, Authentisign2Go has automatically displayed on your mobile devices, and many of you have already chosen to use it on your desktop PCs by using the version toggle that has been inside Authentisign “Classic”.

The “Classic” version will be discontinued and all users automatically moved to Authentisign2Go on September 16th.  There is nothing you need to do. The change will be totally seamless and you will enjoy all the benefits of this newer version:

  • Compatibility with virtually any device and browser (via HTML5).
  • The fastest version of Authentisign, yet.
  • The same interface whether you are on a PC, MAC, tablet or smartphone.
  • Large, easy to see, tablet and touch friendly icons.
  • All the newest features – Layouts, In-Person Signings, integration with Cloud based services such as Google Drive and DropBox.
  • Authentisign2Go is now lodged on their brand new, state of the art Cloud service that has 20 times the processing power of our previous Authentisign infrastructure for great performance and reliability.
  • There is no App to download. It just works on virtually any common device with a browser.

Here is a one-minute introduction video on Authentisign2Go –  Authentisign2Go Intro Video.

Here is a link to their full Authentisign2Go video training library – All Authentisign2Go Videos.

If you have any questions, contact our Help Desk at or 651-251-5456 (1-877-251-5455 toll free), M-F, 8:00-5:00.

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Using Authentisign2Go for iPad

Earlier this month we announced Authentisign2Go for iPad is available. Watch this brief video and see the basics of using Authentisgin2Go for your iPad as we guide you through the process of creating a signing.

Click here to watch the video on using Authentisign2Go for iPad.
(Video Duration = 3 minutes 1 second)

*REMINDER* Authentisign2Go is 100% browser based, so there is NO app to download and install. Beta testing on Android and Windows based tablets is underway — we’ll keep you posted on a release date.

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