Tip of the Week – Functional “My Areas” in Infosparks

Let’s say you have a buyer that wants an Edina address but the income just isn’t quite lining up with that desire. What can you do? Infosparks can help you find other interesting options!

You know the market well, so you know that Hopkins and Saint Louis Park have an overall lower median sales price compared to Edina. You’ll obviously want to show those areas off, too. But you also know that there is a part of Edina amidst those other cities that might also be affordable.

You are also aware that these older suburbs have something akin to traditional city neighborhoods. A good home at a fair price can be obtained if a buyer is looking in the right place. So you open up Infosparks and draw a map using My Areas that looks something like this:

You call it “Hop-SLP-Edina-169” and place it next to the other three cities for comparison. Then, based on the specifications of your buyer, you specify single-family home, previously owned, traditional sale, 3 and 4 bedrooms to achieve this comparison:

Notice how the Hop-SLP-Edina-169 prices are all lower than the three stand-alone cities? As a buyer, wouldn’t you like to see your agent creating scenarios that can help you meet your dreams?

Once a “My Area” is created, it lives within your Profile to be drawn from later, so create subareas to your heart’s content to tell stronger stories about the sub-regions you know exist in the marketplace!

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