Tip of the Week – Mobile App Suggestions Feature

Have a suggestion for something you’d like to see in the NorthstarMLS Mobile App? The newest version of the NorthstarMLS Mobile App for both iOS and Android – released in November – now lets you submit your own suggestion or idea, directly to the vendor (Mobile Realty Apps).

To get to “App Suggestions”, tap the Menu icon in the top left (highlighted with yellow box in the screen shot below) and a side menu will open with more options. “App Suggestions” is located near the bottom of the screen, as seen in the screen shot (highlighted in red). Tap it and you will be directed to the “NorthstarMLS App Ideas” forum where you will be able to submit your ideas, read other users’ ideas and add your own comment on those or “Like” other users’ ideas.

(Note: If you are not seeing the App Suggestions link, you are likely NOT on the most recent version of the app, and will need to download the newest version to your device.)

The vendor will act on constructive feedback and suggestions. It is not, however, a support forum. For support on using the app, please continue to contact our Help Desk.

Watch our 3-minute video for a quick demo of all the new features. If you have never used the NorthstarMLS mobile app, download it now in the iTunes app store for iPhone or the Google Play app store for Android.

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