Tip of the Week – Accessibility Features in Matrix

If you’re searching for suitable homes for buyers with disabilities, it can be a tricky task. The CDC estimates that one in four U.S. adults – 61 million Americans – have a disability. Your next client may have a disability and you’ll need to find something that suits their needs. 

Fortunately, the NorthstarMLS Matrix Add/Edit system has nearly 20 different accessibility options to choose from when you enter a listing into the MLS. Other agents will be able to search for these when they’re working with a buyer with a disability. 

While these fields are not required, we encourage you to complete this field when appropriate. It will spare yourself, your colleagues and most importantly the client your working with a lot of wasted time searching for homes that just won’t work because of their disability.

The image below shows how to enter accessibility features of a listing into the Add/Edit system (click on it for a larger view of it in a new browser tab)

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NorthstarMLS is pleased to announce improvements to its Accessible data field. The Minnesota Association of Realtor’s Diversity Committee recommended these changes based on community needs and how the field is used at other major MLS’s around the country. The Accessible data field now has all of these options available:
  • Wheelchair Ramp (previously Ramp)
  • Reduced Height Counters (previously Counters)
  • Lowered Switches/Controls (previously Switches/Outlets)
  • Raised Outlets (new option)
  • No Stairs Internal (previously No Stairs)
  • No Stairs External (previously No Stairs)
  • Elevator (previously combined with Lift)
  • Stair Chair Lift (previously combined with Elevator)
  • Doors 36”+ (previously combined with Hallways)
  • Hallways 42”+ (previously combined with Doors)
  • Door Lever Handles (new option)
  • Roll-In Shower (new option)
  • Grab Bars in Bathroom (new option)
There are dozens of other potential accommodations that can improve a home’s accessibility. But these are the ones the Committee sees as most common and most sought. If you are selling a home with additional accommodations, we encourage you to list those in Remarks or a supplement. Important Note: If you have a current listing with Accessible options selected, please check it and edit as needed. We mapped the old field to the new field as best we could, but there may be omissions.
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