Ever wondered how many people are viewing your listings via the MLS? You can find out by using Hit Counters. Click on My Matrix, then My Listings. In the drop down box at the top right of the screen, select My Hit Counters (it’s all the way at the bottom). You can then see how many buyers are receiving auto emails with your listing, how many have opened them and a number of other details.
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You can now access Supra from your NorthstarMLS listings to assign your KeyBoxes, view your Supra showing activity and view your Supra KeyBox settings. (We are also working to make this feature available for Sentrilock users soon).

To manage Supra for your listings (where you are the List Agent), bring up the Property Full Display for the listing(s) where you want to manage Supra KeyBox.  The fastest way to do this is through the “My Listings” box on the Matrix home screen, or click the “My Matrix” tab and then “My Listings.”

Click the MLS # to open the Property Full Display.  The new Supra icons display in the icons box below the main photo:

Click the Supra icon for the activity you want to perform.  Mouseover any Supra icon to get a pop-up reminder of what it does.

We are very excited to bring you this new feature and hope you will enjoy the convenience.  As always, lockbox questions/issues should be directed to your member Association.  If you have questions about using the new icons, contact our Help Desk at 651-251-5456 (or toll free at 1-877-251-5455) during business hours M-F, 8:00-5:00.

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Quickly and easily post your listings to Craisglist using the Share My Listings widget. Open Share My Listings – it’s in the External Links area on the Matrix home screen. From there, click on the Craigslist link at the top (circled in red). Select on of your active listings from Step 1. Follow the instructions, and you will create a pre-formatted Craigslist ad, complete with photos, public remarks and your contact information.

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We are pleased to announce two upgrades released today to the Add/Edit system.

1)  Add/Edit Media. We have made several usability improvements to the Add/Edit Media function, including larger photo thumbnails and other minor changes make it easier to add/edit photos, supplements and virtual tours.

2) Teams. You have always been able to create work teams in Matrix.  Now Team maintenance has been moved to the Add/Edit system with the Teams functionality extending to both Add/Edit and Matrix.  One person on the team creates the team, and assigns other agents to the team who can then access all listings assigned to the team.  You choose whether team members can access team resources in just Add/Edit, just Matrix or both systems.

Office assistants can also be added to the team to handle listing maintenance.  In the coming weeks, we will release tutorial videos and have in-person sessions available with NorthstarMLS staff to help with set-up.  In the meantime, click here for instructions if you want to go ahead and get started on your own.

For questions, email help@northstarmls.com or call 651-251-5456 (or toll free at 1-877-251-5455) during business hours M-F, 8:00-5:00.

Here is what the Teams link looks like on the Add/Edit home page menu. Click it to access the Teams functionality described in the documentation:

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When logging into Matrix, you’ve likely become accustomed to pop-ups of important news alerts from the NorthstarMLS communications team. You have the option to read the news item and click “I’ve Read This” or chose to “Read Later.”

What lurks behind those news alerts? Once you have clicked, “I’ve Read This” or “Read Later” on each news item, the news alerts will disappear. Now you will find your customizable Matrix dashboard, which includes: Instanet Forms, InfoSparks, Realtors Property Resource, My Listings and much more.

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Do you have an Android? We’ve got good news! HomeSpotter, the same feature in the NorthstarMLS mobile app that is accessible for the iPhone and iPad, is now available for your Android device. Please Note: This is just an app update to the NorthstarMLS mobile app for Android users. Blackberry, iPhone and iPad users need NOT take any action.

Once you have installed the update on your Android device, you will then be able to use the HomeSpotter feature in the NorthstarMLS mobile app on your Android device. If you’re viewing this from your mobile device, click here to download the update for your Android device. If you’re not viewing this on a mobile device, go to the Google Play online store, search “NorthstarMLS” and then install the update.

HomeSpotter is a new feature that shows you MLS listings simply by aiming your Android device, iPhone or iPad at homes or condo buildings.

HomeSpotter overlays property information on your Android, iPhone or iPad live camera feed. As you point your device down the street, you see a view of the street and info on all the houses for sale pops up. There’s even a radar display that shows the direction and proximity of nearby properties for sale.

Technical Support: If you have any problems installing, launching or using the application, please contact our Help Desk at help@northstarmls.com or 651-251-5456 (toll free 1-877-251-5455).

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Want access to your forms and documents on your smartphone? Use DocBox2Go. Go to Instanet. Change to Transaction Desk Pro. Click on the Settings tab, then on My Preferences. Choose the DocBox2Go preferences on the left, and then set up you password. Once you’ve done that, you can go to www.docbox2go.com on your smartphone. Log in, and you can open, email or fax your documents and forms.
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Have your clients fax documents directly into Instanet Forms. Every time you set up a Transaction on Instanet, the system automatically creates a Fax-Back Cover Sheet. Open the Transaction and click on the Documents tab. You can open and print the Fax-Back Cover Sheet, or you can email or fax it to your clients. They can then use this document to fax things back to you. Items will show up in your Transaction, and you will also get an email with the documents attached.
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Did you know there is a quick and easy way for you to help us make the NorthstarMLS database as accurate as possible? On every listing’s Property Full Display, there is a link labeled “Report a problem with this listing.” If you see any problem with a listing, click this link to let the NorthstarMLS Help Desk know about it. We will follow-up with the List Agent/Office to ensure any needed corrections are made.  Your report is anonymous and your information will not be shared outside our staff without your permission.

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Do you own a smartphone or mobile device? Then you’re likely one of the NorthstarMLS users who have downloaded the NorthstarMLS app to your device — over 13,000 downloads so far! The Line, a Twin Cities-based news and technology website, recently featured NorthstarMLS’s integration of HomeSpotter to its mobile app in an article. HomeSpotter was added to the NorthstarMLS mobile app in February.
Check out the entire article from The Line here.
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