Discover what over 1,700 of your colleagues and over 4,000 of their clients already know.

Since we launched the Homesnap Pro mobile MLS app last week, over 1,700 NorthstarMLS subscribers have already downloaded the app and claimed their profile. And over 4,000 of their contacts have accepted their invitation to connect with them through the IDX-based client version.

Don’t be left behind–join your colleagues and discover how Homesnap Pro can help you stay connected on the go to the MLS, your colleagues and clients. It’s free, so download the Homesnap Pro app for your smartphone and claim your profile today!


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You’ve seen the announcements, received the email and hopefully have downloaded and registered the app. Now it’s time to learn more about how to take advantage of all the great Homesnap Pro features.

Homesnap Pro Training 101

Wednesday, May 6, 12pm to 1pm
Click here to register

This is for users who have downloaded the Homesnap app already. This webinar will cover the basics of using Homesnap as a Homesnap Pro user. You will learn about listings and search, inviting your sphere into Homesnap, how to create a 5-minute Rapid CMA and how to see the transaction history of the agent that you’re dealing with, and more.

Homesnap Pro Training 101, special for NorthstarMLS

Thursday, May 7, 11am to 12pm
Click here to register

This is the same content as the session described above, but tailored specifically for the NorthstarMLS user audience.

Homesnap Pro Training 101 Brand New Users

Friday, May 8, 11am to 12:30pm
Click here to register

This webinar is for those who have not downloaded the app already as the first 30 minutes is allotted for that. The remaining hour covers the same topics as described in the regular 101 webinar above.

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The Homesnap Pro mobile MLS app is now available as a free core service to all NorthstarMLS subscribers. The email with your personalized link to download and register Homesnap Pro has been sent. If you do not have it and it is not in your spam/junk email folder, you can still download and register Homesnap Pro at no charge. Just follow these instructions for iPhone or Android.

Invite your clients to use the client version of Homesnap. That is free too!

Check our previous announcements for more information. We also recommend the University page with lots of quick “how to” videos if you need help.

For support, Homesnap Customer Service is available from 8:00am-7:00pm Mon-Fri and 8:00am-6:00pm Sat and 9:00am-4:00pm Sun. The main toll-free number for support is 866-855-2622, and the email address is

Watch for webinar dates coming soon!

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As announced yesterday, NorthstarMLS is partnering with Homesnap to offer their Homesnap Pro app free of charge as a core service to all NorthstarMLS subscribers. This MLS mobile app gives you access to MLS data on all NorthstarMLS listings, great productivity features, plus the option of sending a branded version to your clients.

Watch for the official launch email coming very soon to your InBox from NorthstarMLS and Homesnap. The subject line will be “Homesnap Pro is here! Free from NorthstarMLS.”

Why are we launching Homesnap through an email message? The email will be personalized to you with a link to download the app and claim your profile, saving you several steps in the process.

To ensure you receive the email (and it’s not blocked by Spam filters), we recommend that you add as a trusted site/safe domain in your email application.

To see what makes Homesnap so great and praised by other agents around the country, be sure to check out the Homesnap overview and video.

As we noted yesterday, Homesnap Pro does not replace our current NorthstarMLS Homespotter app. Homesnap is offered as an addition to Homespotter so you may choose to use one or both.

Keep your eye out here on the NorthstarMLS News screen for more details coming soon!

NorthstarMLS is excited to announce that starting later this week, it is offering the Homesnap Pro mobile app to its subscribers as a core service at no additional cost! There are three versions of Homesnap:

Homesnap Pro for NorthstarMLS Subscribers: This is the full version of Homesnap available only to NorthstarMLS subscribers.

  • access to all NorthstarMLS data fields for all listings, just like in the regular desktop version of NorthstarMLS Matrix;
  • your own customizable agent profile viewable by other agents, clients and consumers;
  • all product features, including Quick CMA’s and more;
  • invite your clients to the app which gives them the client version described below, tied to your profile and branded to you;
  • connected directly to BookAShowing for quick and easy scheduling.

Homesnap for Clients: Any consumer invited by an agent will have this version with the same data that can be accessed on any broker IDX website. Tied and branded to the agent who made the invitation. (Note: consumers may only be tied to one agent at a time through Homesnap.)

Homesnap for Consumers: This version is available to any consumer to download without being tied to a specific agent.  It contains only NorthstarMLS syndicated data, that is, only listings data for brokers who have “opted in” to display their listings on Homesnap. This version follows the “your listings, your leads” policy. Any leads for a particular listing go directly to the list agent/broker, and there is no advertising from other agents on your listings.

Please Note: Homesnap Pro does not replace our current NorthstarMLS Homespotter app. Homesnap is offered as an addition to Homespotter so you may choose to use one or both.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more details!

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