If your seller signs a Certification to Withhold from MLS form, the current process is to fax that signed form to NorthstarMLS within two business days of the contract effective date.  Starting Monday, August 25, NorthstarMLS is changing this process.

Instead of faxing the form to us, you must enter the Withhold into the Add/Edit system and upload the seller-signed Withhold form as a supplement.  The timing requirement is still within two days of the contract effective date.

We have enhanced the Add/Edit system to allow entry of Withholds that makes them available for your view only (and your office) without going to the MLS, data feeds or being visible to any other NorthstarMLS subscriber.  This will be available for you to start using on Thursday, August 21, though you are not required to use it until Monday the 25th.

For a quick 3-minute demonstration of this process, please watch this video.

The process to enter your Withholds is quick, as only basic address, date and PID number fields are required.  Please note that if you are using Internet Explorer, do not run it in Compatibility mode or you will not be able to upload the Withhold form.

For more details about the how’s and why’s of this process change, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions.  If you still need help, contact our Help Desk at or 651-251-5456 (toll free 1-877-251-5455), M-F, 8:00 – 5:00.

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NorthstarMLS has added several commonly requested data fields to the MLS.

Contingency: We have added two new options within the Contingency field—With Bump Clause and Without Bump Clause. These two options are available only for listings located in the State of Wisconsin. According to the Wisconsin Realtors Association, a bump clause essentially permits a seller who has found another buyer with a better offer to “bump” the first buyer out of the transaction if the first buyer cannot meet the requirements stated in the offer. For information about bump clauses, see pages 19-20 of this document on the WRA website.

Co-Selling Agent and Office: You may now indicate a co-selling agent and office on a sale. The List Office may enter these when the property is set to Pending status. These fields are optional.

Garage Dimensions: Previously you had to enter the Garage as an “Extra Room” if you wanted to indicate the dimensions. Now it has its own field. Start with the front of the garage and measure clockwise around. This field is optional.

PID #2 and PID #3: When you have a listing with more than one PID number, you can now enter up to three of them in their own fields. For example a land listing with more than one PID or a condo with a separate PID for its garage stall.

These fields are available now in the Add/Edit system. They are also available in Matrix for search and on the NorthstarMLS listing input forms in Matrix. They will be available on the Matrix displays and reports by the end of the day (Wednesday).

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NorthstarMLS has added a new field to Add/Edit—Lockbox # (GLAR users only). It is located at the end of the “Listing” section.

If you are not a member of the Greater Lakes Association of Realtors, and you use Supra lockboxes, please ignore this new field.
are a Greater Lakes Association of Realtors member and use Sentrilock lockboxes, this field is for you.

When entering a new listing, please enter the Sentrilock Lockbox serial number that will be used on this listing. This will accomplish two things:

  • Allow Sentrilock to connect the lockbox serial number to the address and agent in the Sentrilock system.
  • Facilitate an important reporting and auditing process for your Association.

PLEASE NOTE: The lockbox number you enter will show only in Add/Edit. It will not appear on Matrix or any other NorthstarMLS system or data feed except:

  • A data feed direct to Sentrilock for connecting the lockbox.
  • Data to the Greater Lakes Association for reports.
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NorthstarMLS has revised the definition of what are considered Manufactured Homes on NorthstarMLS. For a complete definition, please refer to this document available on in Resources>Training Library>Add/Edit.

Although many manufactured homes do have a HUD ID#, some do not. The presence of a HUD ID# is no longer required in order for it to be considered a manufactured home on NorthstarMLS. Key elements of the definition include:
  • Primary, original structure built entirely in the factory and constructed to HUD codes.
  • Does not include modular homes built to local codes.
  • Built on a non-removable steel chassis (should be visible underneath).
  • Transported to the building site on their own wheels (may or may not be removed upon installation). Multi-part manufactured units (such as with double-wide) joined at their destination.
  • Must be permanently attached to the land.

If you have any listings that meet this definition, please ensure the “Manufactured Home” field reflects “Yes” regardless of the presence of a HUD ID tag.

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