We hope you’re enjoying Matrix 360, which was released last month and is available to all NorthstarMLS subscribers. A cool new feature with this release is the addition of the Parcel Map tab. These interactive maps allow you to switch between map and satellite view. It also displays brief tax and listing information on the parcel. You can also enable map layers and more. “Walk the block” to see the whole neighborhood!

Our video below shows you how to utilize the Parcel Map tab in Matrix. Give it a view! 

NorthstarMLS Matrix 360 Videos On Demand Click here to view our other Matrix 360 videos, including how to search public records with Matrix 360.

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Hopefully by now you’ve heard that it will be illegal to hold your cell phone in your hand while you’re driving in Minnesota starting Aug. 1, 2019. The hands-free bill was signed by Gov. Tim Walz on April 12, 2019.

The new law expands current law that prohibits drivers from texting, using email and browsing on their phones by banning a driver from using their phone unless it is in voice-activated or hands-free mode. The first ticket is $50 plus court fees and the second and later tickets are $275 plus court fees.

This issue has been near to our hearts here at NorthstarMLS since the passing of our colleague and friend, Hubert “Hugh” Skanes-Cady (Trimble). He tragically lost his life in the summer of 2016 as the result of a motor vehicle crash when he was rear ended while riding his motorcycle. NorthstarMLS has been helped support this important cause, sponsoring a local foundation distracted driving 5K, creating our own Drive Focused campaign, video series and website, as well as other supportive events.

Take a look at the infographic below to see seven quick ways you can convert to hands-free today!

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We hope you're enjoying Matrix 360, which was released earlier this month. A great new feature with this release is the ability to search Public Records right in Matrix – without having to open Realist separately like you did in the past. 

Our video below shows you how to run a Public Record Search in Matrix. Give it a view! 

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We are pleased to announce these Add/Edit updates, all based on user requests/feedback. For more details, check out our Add/Edit Help Guide.

  • Improved home screen navigation. Rather than the series of different links running across the top, we have organized drop-down menus for Property Type and Status. Simply click to check or uncheck the ones you want in your results. Default selections when you log in are all Property Types and Active Status.
  • Redesigned and easier-to-use drop-down list for sorting your results.
  • When you add search filters using the search bar, they now appear below the search bar, leaving the search bar empty for easier further searching.
  • Listing results now include the property type icon.
  • When inputing/editing a listing and entering a date into a date field, you are no longer forced to use the pop-up calendar. You can type in the date if you prefer.
  • We have added a card icon next to your name in the top blue banner. Click on this for all your information, including NRDS ID, Office Name/ID, you MLS permission level, and your Operating System and Browser version.
  • For those of you who use the LogIn As feature to support fellow staff, we have added color highlighting to make it more obvious when you are logged in as someone else.

Our IT staff is continually looking at your feedback to make the system better. Watch for more enhancements coming soon!

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As you may be aware, the Minnesota Association of Realtors recently updated its Forms Use Policy. Because those forms are accessed through the Instanet link here in Matrix, we want to share this link to the full policy and a few highlights:

  • The MN State forms are for the exclusive use of Members. However, Members may allow their administrative staff (such as licensed and unlicensed assistants) access to provide authorized assistance related to their use.
  • The pre-printed text and format of the Forms may not be removed or modified in any way without removing the MNAR logo and copyright information from the Forms, except Members may place their brokerage logo in the upper left corner of the MNAR approved forms and may utilize a “footer” at the bottom of the Forms to place non-contractual disclosures.
  • Members of the MNAR may utilize, reproduce and distribute the Forms solely for purposes of real estate transactions and/or education within their real estate brokerage practice. Members may not sell or distribute the Forms as a separate product or service.

If you have any questions regarding the Minnesota Realtors Forms Use Policy, contact the Minnesota State Association at info@mnrealtor.com or 952.935.8313 or 800.862.6097.

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Matrix 360 is here! It's the latest version of Matrix, integrating Realist public records tax data and enhanced features. Below are links to some quick videos for you to see how it works. But really, all you need to do is run a listings search, click an MLS number for the full display and start exploring the tabs across the top of the sceen. We also have "Public Record" search right here in Matrix under the Search tab!

There are no major changes to your workflow–Matrix 360 simply unifies listing data and Realist property data into the same Matrix interface you already know. You may work with tax records just like Matrix listings. Create searches, get results, view details, print and email reports for both listing and tax records — all in one place. 

Check out thse Matrix 360 resources: 


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Are you ready for Matrix 360? It's the latest version of Matrix from our vendor CoreLogic and it is coming to NorthstarMLS June 12th (you may start to see the new features the evening of June 11th as they are configured–with no system downtime!). There will be no major changes to your workflow–Matrix 360 simply unifies listing data and Realist property data into the same Matrix interface you already know. You may work with tax records just like Matrix listings. Create searches, get results, view details, print and email reports for both listing and tax records — all in one place. 

Get ready for 360 with these resources: 

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Starting Thursday, June 6, we have some great enhancements for NorthstarMLS Matrix: 

  • Reorder Search Results Using Drag & Drop
  • Create Multiple Listing Carts for each Client & Property Type 
  • Client Portal default to List View on mobile devices (instead of Map View)
  • Display Listings in order MLS numbers entered with Speed Bar

Check out some of the improvements in greater detail here and watch our video to see these new features!

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NorthstarMLS has changed its policy to keep listing supplements available in the MLS for a full year after a listing goes off market (it was previously set to 8 days). Also, we have restored all supplements for listings that went off market over the past year. We believe this will be more beneficial for appraisers an agents who need the supplements available for reference for a longer time.

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Want to learn more about how to use the mobile app Homesnap Pro? Register for one of the upcoming free webinars, offered by Homesnap especially for NorthstarMLS subscribers. 

Not only is Homesnap Pro a NorthstarMLS core service that can help you better connect with and serve your clients, it is also the platform of the Broker Public Portal (BPP). The BPP initiative grew out of a movement among brokers across the country to develop an industry-controlled real estate search experience for consumers. NorthstarMLS was at the forefront of this national collaboration between brokers and MLS’s.

This session will explore the most popular features in the Homesnap Pro app:

  1. Take a snap of any property and see the current MLS data
  2. See the Agent deal flow and Transaction History
  3. Use the app to walk property lines
  4. Invite your clients for exclusive Agent Client Branding
  5. Share your personal unique profile link
  6. Your FREE weekly newsletter

Don’t forget to download the app before the session begins. You can get the FREE app by going to Homesnap.com/get. If you need assistance getting the app, please call 1-866-855-2622 or email support@homesnap.com.

These webinars are offered multiple times, just pick the time and date you would like to attend from the dropdown menu in the register screen.

Register for a FREE Webinar Here

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